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#BeTech Startup Manifesto #2:
Customers are startups’ best investors. Customers provide an ongoing source of revenue; they reduce the need for external investment while simultaneously proving the business model and market traction.

We invite government, corporations, companies & organizations to buy products & services from startups. And there's no need to spend an R&D budget internally, you can acquire startups to drive innovation, too.

This group is is hosted by startups.be for B2B startups interested in selling to corporations, organizations and government. It's all about enterprise, smart cities, government and civic technology.

It's the place where B2B startups have an opportunity to meet and pitch to government and corporations.

Who should join:
Participants include founders, decision & policy makers, procurement, executives and people looking for ways to leverage technology to improve corporations, government and civic society.

Why should members join:
Startups: to learn how to sell to bigger organizations and government.
Organizations: to learn about and acquire the innovation power and technology of startups

By organizing network, pitching and workshops on a regular basis

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