4 Steps to Freedom Workshop

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Do you have pain, illness or imbalance in your body?

Do you have trouble gaining peace of mind?

Are you dealing with challenging emotions?

Is your energy not the best, are you always tired?

Do you think there could be something still unresolved from a past life?

Do you suspect your energy could be being sapped by a mystery issue?

Do you hunger for more satisfaction, happiness and success?

Come along and let Master Healer & Energy Medicine Specialist Anika Brizuela show you how to be free of pain, of despair, of limitations of ALL KINDS, and move forward in fearless empowerment. Save yourself loads of Time and Money!

Anika will share with you how she healed herself of ALL of her issues; and she explains how your mind-body-spirit works as one, and how you can find and clear stressors, and help yourself become the Fearless, Successful person you have always believed yourself to be!

Anika is not just a therapist, she is also a healer, a medical and healing intuitive and an educator, an instructor with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice.

In true overachiever style, Anika is presenting a workshop that is not about just one type of therapy - this is not just EFT, NLP, sabotaging beliefs or crystals.....This is a workshop encompassing ALL areas of a person, mind-body-spirit – including ones that are very hard to gain knowledge on, unless they are intuited! Anika will share with you ALL the different options you can choose from to balance ALL parts of yourself.

Because you can't truly heal if you don't have ALL the information and ALL the options to choose from!

As a Bonus, Anika will share with you her secret knowledge, her tips and tricks to healing your mind, your heart, your emotions, your physical body and your spirit - as fast and as easily as possible! Yes, you heard right.

An entertaining and enlightening speaker, Anika shares with stories to accurately illustrate real life examples of success for you!

Anika will assist you to identify your major stressor and help you heal or balance the strain of this major stress in your life on the day.

You are Guaranteed to leave feeling less stress, feeling lighter and free-er on the day! With tools to help yourself with in the future!

Book now, numbers are limited for this fun, enlightening workshop!