What we're about

"What I see is that people do not discuss code with anyone. ... We have to learn how to discuss code...", says Alexander Stepanov.

With this group we want to change this in the "Metropol-Region Rhein-Neckar". We are people that share a common interest in the programming language C++, either due to our profession, as a hobby, or both. Everybody with an interest in C++ is invited to join the regular meetings (every two months). We discuss C++ and hear what people have accomplished with it, where they have problems, or what best practices there are. At each meeting there are one or more talks about C++ with fruitful discussion afterwards. Everybody is invited to give a talk and tell us how he or she is using C++.

Past events (12)

C++ & Move Semantics

Zühlke Engineering GmbH

Testing with C++

Dezernat 16

Integrating C++ and QML

Dezernat 16

C++11/C++14 loops of fun

Dezernat 16

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