• Yoga as Support for Healing Trauma

    Common Ground Healing Arts

    Drawing on the work of Bessel Van der Kolk (Author of The Body Keeps the Score) and David Emerson (Author of Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga), this workshop will serve as a foundation for those interested in a conversation about yoga as a support for healing trauma. In our time together, we will explore the basic physiology of Traumatic Stress, share in a Trauma-Informed practice, and consider how this practice can serve us in a traditional or therapeutic setting. All participants will leave with comprehensive notes and resources for further study. Although this workshop is particularly welcoming of teachers, therapists, and health care-providers, all are welcome to attend. No prior yoga experience necessary. About Lilly: Lilly Bechtel is a certified and experienced Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor with 12 years of experience offering yoga workshops in yoga studios, correctional facilities, rehabilitation centers, and veteran’s hospitals. Her writing surrounding yoga and trauma recovery has appeared in USA Today, elephant journal, Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans, and The Huffington Post. In addition to her work at Common Ground, Lilly currently offers a weekly Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Class at Region Ten’s Inpatient Recovery Center for Women as well as The Wellness Center. To follow her work and stay tuned to upcoming workshops, visit her at Body Song Yoga. This event is offered to the community at no charge; donations to Common Ground are welcome to support use of the space.