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What we're about

When women support each other, incredible things happen. These meetups are for women looking to support, love and empower each other.

Have you ever hoped to be part of an organisation that sets out to make a positive impact on the world?
Would you like to develop, improve or gain leadership skills?
Are you looking for that group of sisters that are like minded, empowering and inspiring?
Or are you simply looking to gain some sense of fulfilment as you set out to help others?
Well then this may be the group for you!

We are hoping to form an unbreakable sisterhood bond between ourselves where we can share experiences, educate ourselves and each other on different areas, aspects and issues of life. Everyone has concerns, worries and fears and this group hopes to support, comfort and encourage each other by coming together and building supportive networks and connections to overcome challenges we are facing or may face.

We also hope to broaden our understanding on certain issues and explore different ways to fix them.
A shared experience from one person can uplift, empower and fuel the spirit of another. Not only do we hope to be hearers, but also doers, problem solvers, teachers and leaders of our nation. We aim to actively set up platforms and events to improve, tackle and raise awareness for some of the issues that will be discussed at these meetings. Our major focus is to build, provide or direct women to relevant support systems ranging from mental health issues, a broken heart, unemployment/employment issues or someone looking for a true friend. This help will come from women coming together to share experiences and directions to provide solutions to these issues. We are women coming to discuss issues and to support other women!

Meeting layout: Saturdays 7.30pm-9.30pm

November 19 -

getting to know each other
Overview of topics to be discussed and brainstorming of new ideas
Topic for intro:
The faith of a millennium woman

December 17-
Mental health and depression
What is mental health
What kind of mental health issues are specific to women
Triggers and risk factors
What are the signs and symptoms of mental health (detection)
Do we think that there is a safe place to seek help for mental health
What do you do or where can you go to find help for mental health

January 14-
Self image
Different body types (hour glass, plum, pear shape, education)
Different types of metabolisms
Self-image (plastic surgery, breast lift, shape, weaves, makeup)
Weight gain
Weight loss
Diet and weight gain options

February 18-
Friends, dating
Tips for dating, online dating,
Single at valentines, husband and wife relationships

May 20-
Gender expectations
Men crying
Care taker for sick child – (husband or wife)
Who do you call in times of trouble, mum or dad
Maternity and paternity leave issues
How do we break from gender expectation issues

July 15-

Work and family

Women in the work place (confidence)
Seeking additional help (crèche, nannies)
Pressure to stay at home
Pressure to work

........ And whatever new ideas we brainstorm! Infact we can meetup more regularly.

All discussions are possible expansions to create events! We hope to invite guest speakers, eg Therapists to enable better understanding of certain issues eg (mental health).
We welcome all women from all ages, professions and backgrounds because we believe that every individual has something valuable to share, give and teach. We are new, we are ready and we are looking for you to help brainstorm ideas to help develop this group.

The most powerful thing in the world is what happens when people meetup, so let us come together and build that support system that is very much needed. Or just drop by to join in on the conversation!

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