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For individuals looking to up their speaking game by learning and speaking professionally, for their business or for their career. This is no ordinary speaking group, and helps emerging speakers from all walks transition into a paid, professional arena, both online and off. We provide the platform(s) to develop and practice presentations, to hone the message, and to practice technique such as delivery and effectiveness. It's professional networking on steriods, because of all the opportunities presented.

We are the CA Emerging Speakers Bureau (formerly OC Speakers Bureau) / Emerging Speakers Bureau, creating Best in Class Professional Speakers nationally, and for those individuals looking to move past the status quo.

We are THE go-to Speakers Bureau for Emerging Speakers for Toastmaster Trained and other trained (or not trained) speakers. Our Speakers are put through a thorough evaluation process for Qualification (if they desire) and have the ability to be recommended (found) by local event organizers.

We support and develop speakers at all levels, encouraging authenticity and audience connection. (For technique specific tools and advice, it's recommended a speaker also join a local Toastmasters group for a bit). The speaking world is changing, and it's time for emerging speakers to up their game if they are looking to become a paid speaker, or earn some income from speaking.r

We develop our speakers on marketing, message honing, finding a platform, and fine-tuning their speeches, to actually perfecting their speeches and connecting with the audiences. Our goal is to help all speakers connect with their innate skills, abilities, interests and uniqueness to help them succeed in a competitive environment.

For all those motivated to move into more professional or public speaking, whether for career advancement, business building, or pure personal development - we help them all! We have people from all backgrounds and experience levels.

Come see us in action! Our meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of every month 7-9pm. For more information about our group and what we provide speakers, please check out our site at: http://OCSpeakersBureau.com or on the individuals meetings.

If you are a writer / author, blogger, business owner, freelancer/solo-preneur, new or experienced Toastmaster, career professional, or someone looking to take their personal development to the next level, then this group is for you! We teach you the right tools for the right job.

For event planners, we have educational, entertaining, and motivational speakers for every topic to suit your meeting needs (just contact the organizer of this meetup).

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Emerging Speakers Q & A Roundtable

FREE Conference Call

Becoming World Class - Emerging Speaker Monthly Meetup

The Art Institute of California - Orange County

Emerging Speakers Q & A Roundtable

FREE Conference Call

Ask the Experts - Bust Your Roadblocks

The Art Institute of California - Orange County


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