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Collective Art and Media Alliance (CAM A) is designed to bring artists and creatives together to discuss and practice cooperative work and structure. This is a discussion group, a skill and resource sharing community, as well as an opportunity to form project-based cooperatives or more long-term collectives. All artists are welcome. And I do mean all: actors, writers, film-makers, musicians, podcasters, graphic artists, photographers, painters, animators, designers, and creatives of all types too numerous to list. If you make art or provide assistance for the making of art, this is a space for you.

Cooperatives are enterprises and organizations that practice horizontal democracy for the purpose of mutual aid, equity, and solidarity. The history of art is a history of cooperative work. Artists have always had to form communities to help develop their craft and collectively bargain for the space, resources and time needed to make art. Cooperative principles have allowed more self-determination and self-organization for artists. But art works best within a flexible structure that allows for experimentation and the opportunity to follow passions and interests. Artists also need networks capable of connecting them across disciplines while allowing autonomy and organic restructuring from project to project. CAM A is an attempt to meet those needs.

CAM A will meet regularly to discuss how cooperative principles and lessons from the solidarity economy movement can be used to meet the specific needs of artists. Bring your ideas. Talk about your work if choose. We’d love to have you.

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