Energetic Techniques to Release Stress, Anxiety, & Fear with Taruna Barber, PhD


This 1.5 hour workshop is focused on helping you release tension and anxiety in some new and unique ways, so you can live from a more peaceful, centered place.

You will be shown at least 6 different energetic and quantum techniques and meditations, all of which can help with releasing stress and / or anxiety. You will also receive energy healing to help release stress and tension from your energy system, and to strengthen your energy to face future stresses.

You will leave this session feeling lighter, rejuvenated, and more peaceful. You will also leave armed with several quick, easy tools that can help you rapidly release new stresses or worries that come up on a day-to-day basis.

Please bring the following with you to this Group: notebook and pens, anything you need to lie down comfortably and receive energy work, such as yoga mat, pillows, eye cover, blanket, etc.

Please contact Taruna with any questions, at [masked].

Investment: $39.

Prepayment is required to reserve your spot. Please RSVP “yes” on this Meetup, and then click the following link to complete payment:


Testimonials after one session focused on releasing fears with Taruna:

"My whole life I've had a deep seeded fear of driving. My rational mind wants to dismiss it because I don’t understand what you did, but lot of things have happened. Driving has become a fear I can handle. I’m looking forward to the drive to work. Thoughts habitually come but I can talk back and let it go. It’s a huge change. Very deep change. There was a removal of fear – something happened there. Very drastic in a good way." - E.S.

" As to the fear, I would say that I started at about a 7 or 8, and now it's down to about a 1 or 2 (on a scale of 0 - 10). Also, it seems as though I don't have many fear-related thoughts during the day, but fear is featured in my nighttime dreaming. But even then, in the two dreams that I vividly recalled, I was able to work through the fear during the dream, and in one case, even provide reassurance to someone else." - S.S.

Testimonials from Taruna's prior groups:

“You have brought through you the loving, healing, Arcturian Star energy. This has been the most helpful, powerful help (besides my guides, angels, Jesus, and so many other beloveds) that has come my way for years. Thank you, thank you for bringing this to us." - G.L.

"Thank you so much for this group healing experience. Your perspective following each session helped me to move forward in my journey of transformation! I felt relaxed and empowered to take the next step. Thank you, Taruna!" - R.N.


About Taruna:

Taruna is a Life and Business Coach and Energy Healer. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology, and certifications in numerous energy healing modalities and Akashic Records readings. Taruna uses her unique combination of coaching, energy healing, and intuitive skills to help people achieve their personal, business, and career goals. Taruna’s clients have reported improvements in physical and emotional well-being, business, and relationships. She works with clients both in-person and distantly.

Taruna’s keen intuitive guidance forms the basis of her coaching and energy healing sessions, and she uses a variety of healing modalities, depending on the client’s needs and desires. These modalities include:

Arcturian Healing Method, Reiki (Usui and Karuna Reiki®), Ama~Deus, Soul Realignment (Akashic Record reading and clearing), Holistic Metamorphosis® (Level 3), Reconnective Healing, Pranic Healing®, Triple Action Life Force Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Bioridian Healing

Please see Taruna’s website for more information: (http://www.tarunabarber.com/). Taruna Barber, PhD is an independent practitioner who sees clients at the Nourishing Journey Wellness Center.