Monthly Lecture: Kea Johnston- A Dose of Egyptology for the Grand Valley

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Kea Johnston, PhD student at U of California, Berkeley, speaking about:

The city of Akhmim, known in the classical world as Panopolis, was one of the most important religious and economic centers in Egypt during the First Millennium BC.

It was known for its massive temple, flourishing textile industry and (much later) early Christian firebrands.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably met one of Akhmim’s inhabitants, because many regional museums in the US and Europe have mummies and coffins from the site in their collections.

Shortly after the rediscovery of the site in the 1880s, tourists were writing almost apocalyptic accounts of the despoiling of its cemeteries. How was Akhmim looted? Who did the looting?

What can modern scholars learn about Akhmim and its ancient inhabitants when none of the original context remains?

Kea Johnston has been interested in Ancient Egypt since she was a small child in Vernal Utah.

Her grandmother, who owned a bookstore, would special order books on Egypt for her. Her mother owns a bookstore, Out West Books, in GJ.

She received a BA in Computer Science from Brown in 2005, but participation in an excavation at Giza that same year reminded her that her first love was Ancient Egypt. After a career in Silicon Valley, she returned to school, earning a Masters in Near Eastern Studies at University of California Berkeley in 2016. She is currently writing a PhD dissertation on coffin production at Akhmim during the first millennium BCE.

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