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What we’re about

Hello and welcome to the CASA: part social group and support network, part grassroots uprising!

Support people: because this is Autistic space, please read the rules for parents, caregivers, and support people.

Our activities

Monday Meetings are where we talk about the politics of autism, ASAN national action, members' ideas for the chapter, and other happenings in the world of autism, as well as share our personal joys and struggles. <br>

Saturday Socials are informal events where we simply come together to engage in fun activities, enjoy the compay of one another, and talk. <br>

Our mission statement

Our mission is to do and teach self-advocacy with the Autistic people of the Sacramento area and beyond. We make friends and teach each other to understand the world and what it means to be a proud, happy Autistic. We tell people about neurodiversity, which means that it is OK to be Autistic and/or to have other neurological disabilities. Some autism organizations say that autism is a disease and needs to be gone from society forever; we say that autism is a part of who we are and is here to stay. We support each other as we face the hardships of everyday life, including discrimination. When parents of Autistic people, teachers, therapists, scientists, and politicians make decisions that affect Autistic people’s lives, we need to be there, which is why we say “Nothing about us without us.”


CASA is not a therapy provider.


Constitution and Bylaws

How Voting Goes: A Flowchart

Rules for Parents, Family, Caregivers, Case Managers, and NT Allies <br>

Contact us!

Call or text: (916) 538-9154 (Google Voice) <br>


Twitter: @CAautselfadvoca


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