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Hi Everyone! I’ve decided to spice things up a bit and add a little Salsa dancing to our CBD class! Why? How does one relate to the other?? Well, as a lifelong dancer and now a studio owner, I have seen the benefits of adding dancing to one’s life. I’ve seen how it aids in the recovery of mental and physical ailments and how it can enhance one’s quality of being. I’ve also, in my adult life, spent much of my time seeking out ways to improve my overall health and wellness and some time ago I was introduced to the Prime My Body CBD oil. Both Dancing and CBD have had a profound impact on my life and I want to share this with you!

We all know how important it is to choose the right dance partner. When you dance with the right person you have balance, focus, energy, stamina and pure joy! CBD delivers and enhances all of these things through a bodily system called the Endo-cannabinoid System. The sole purpose of this system is to take the body out of the “Fight or Flight” mode and into a state of calm where it can begin to heal itself naturally. CBD adds balance to every system of the body, helps one to sleep and reduces inflammation so that you can move freely around the dance floor for years to come.

Each class will begin with an educational presentation of the many benefits of CBD oil, sampling the product and questions answered. We will follow this up with a 30 minute Salsa lesson, totally voluntary and no partner necessary! These classes are free and open to anyone! Join us to discover the joy in healthy movement!

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