Nancy Tedeschi and Snapit Screw: A Local Inventor's Story

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For our Fall meetup come and meet Nancy Tedeschi, inventor of the Snapit Screw. Nancy will talk about her inventing and entrepreneurial journey.

Free dessert and prizes! Bring a friend and you each get a Snapit Screw!

Please send questions to Sam ahead of time so he can get Nancy prepared.

The Snapit Screw Story:
My mother was doing volunteer work in a 3rd world country and she broke her glasses. She took her earring out of her ear and fixed here glasses. She had this beaded earring hanging from her glasses. People everywhere would stop her and ask her where she got it. After wearing it for about a year she came to me and said “you have to invent charms for eyeglasses.” So I started the process. I invented a washer that was double slotted that would fit over the little screw. One slot was round and the other was a slot. I invented a hook that fit in the slot and we made jewelry to hang on the hook and it fit in the slot. Everyone loved them but getting this washer on the screw and back in the glasses was next to impossible. So one day while doing this I thought why can’t I put a break away tab on the washer so I did this. Once I had the washer made it was easier to now hold the washer while dropping the screw into the washer and putting it back in the glasses. One day while doing this something click and I said well if I can put a break away tab on the washer why can’t I put one on the screw? So that is how snapit was born. I just received a notice of allowance from the patent office on my charms. It is true that necessity is the mother of invention.

Looking For Inventors:
Are you an inventor, patent attorney, product developer, or someone in the field of invention, who would like to present? Do you know anyone who would like to present? We are looking for future presenters. Please message Sam if you have someone in mind.

Mission: Our mission at CDIEM is to help inventors and entrepreneurs navigate the business world.

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Hope to see you there!