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**SPECIAL DINNER EVENT** CEO Space Founder Berny Dohrmann Mar 12 Highlands Ranch

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**SPECIAL DINNER EVENT** featuring CEO Space Founder Berny Dohrmann
Where: Hilton Garden Inn Highlands Ranch
When : Tuesday March 12th
Time: 6:30pm Networking 7:30pm


CEO Space Founder, Berny Dohrmann will be joining us live this week from home base in Florida.

Who has the keys for navigating through the current economic turmoil? Who can tell businesses how to prosper in a double dip recession? Who do some of the most prominent speakers, trainers, and business experts in the world today such as "The Secret" stars and CEO Space Graduates, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins and the "Billion Dollar Man," Bob Circosta of Home Shopping Network call on as their mentor? Berny Dohrmann is that man and he will be sharing the same advice and instruction given to the top business leaders in the world with YOU! DO NOT MISS THIS EVENING WITH BERNY. RVSP now!

Bring your friends and partners who are consultants, professionals, starting their own business, in transition, or have a product/service idea - they will thank you for the experience! Those who have been coached by him know the value of having Berny be your coach, he can often expand your business vision by leaps and bounds, give you specific actionable tasks. He helps people get what they need on the spot! Berny will be able to show you how to make so much more money in your business,even in the current economy. Learn the key ingredients for creating wealth rather than wondering when your time is coming.This is your opportunity of a lifetime to "Ask the expert to the experts" and get answers to your critical business questions.

Mr. Dohrmann majored in business, founding his first investment banking firm in the 1960's. For twenty years Mr. Dohrmann ran a global publicly traded investment banking firm INVEST AMERICA that performed syndicated underwriting and market making with major internation brokerage firms. He is a best selling author and radio show host, who has gone on to create CEO Space, formed in the late 1980's. CEO Space has clubs in 140 countries which leads the world in the areas of entrepreneur education and training.

What is CEO Space?

CEO Space “is” a new kind of trade show that employs the use of meals vs. the old model of booths.

See Me appointment cards developed by CEO Space qualifies new customers and other resources ranging from manufactures to investors to meet with you during the evening each night of the trade show typically in groups. At 9:00 at 10:00 at 11:00 you have usually three turns of qualified new meetings for one week, five times a year.

During the day you can run your existing business just as you do now day by day, or if your business is virtually ran you can “check-in” on things while meeting with new customers.

There is a training component which delivers 30 hours of professionals credits which are issued on-site for licensed professionals attending in all categories in all 50 USA States. Plus professionals gain more clients in one week of time than many develop in over months or a full years of time.

There are around 50 training sessions during each trade show and a typical CEO will look at the schedule and select five to eight trainings they may need right now while never missing the meals that work like booths to drive new customers into their business.

CEO’s have elected to attend five times a year replacing advertising and marketing budgets for the one global trade show that is formatted from the business owner and improved by the business owner five times year.

CEO Space is the only trade show in the world that guarantee’s we must speed up your business or we refund your full membership before you leave the building… as we insist on our members winning.