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Watch Your Step! Product Launch Landmines that Explode Costs

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If you own a business or are looking to start one, this meeting is for you!

One of the most complex and risky business ventures is launching a retail product. One wrong or skipped step can mean delayed revenue and costly revisions or even derail an entire business. Product Design & Development experts

Meet Tracy & Tom Hazzard of Hazz Design Consulting who have been showing companies and inventors how to sidestep launch landmines, plan smarter and grow faster through tactical product design and development planning, sequencing and execution for over 20 years.

Tom and Tracy’s approach has proven successful for their clients with 200+ products generating over $500 million dollars in retail sales and 35 patents with an 86% commercialization rate (twice the national average). Their techniques are even taught as an entrepreneurship course and case study at 26 universities around the world through the Harvard Business Review.

They are also the leading experts on 3-D printing in Southern California.

FUNDING NOTE: Funding Round for those Seeking Capital, ends SOON!

All papperwork must be submitted by that time.

This is going to be GREAT! Yes, I know I promised a new, larger location... it's coming.

We started with some great momentum and will carry it forward!

6:30 - 7 PM Check-In & General Networking

7 - 9 PM Q & A, Coaching Circle, Cooperative Networking, Free Coaching

From the #1 Entrepreneurial Organization on the FORBES list!

• Good Food • Ample Free Parking • Community Networking!

The first 30 Entries will be FREE!

CEO Space "is"

"CEO Space is a business building machine that helps businesses move swiftly from where they are currently, to where they’d like to be - and doing sow with both velocity & strength."

CEO Space - "The Entrepreneur's Best Friend!"™

The World's Largest, Oldest & Most

Successful Organization for CEOs,

Entrepreneurs & Visionary Investors

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CEO Space

6:30 - 7 PM Check In & General Networking
7 - 9 PM Q & A, Coaching Circle, Cooperative Networking, Free Coaching


CEO Space “is” a a Business Accelerator that employs the use of meals to rapidly take a company from where it is now, to where it wishes to be, with both strength and velocity.

See Me appointment cards developed by CEO Space qualifies new customers and other resources ranging from manufactures to investors to meet with you during the evening each night of the trade show typically in groups. At 9:00 at 10:00 at 11:00 you have usually three turns of qualified new meetings for one week, five times a year.

During the day you can run your existing business just as you do now day by day, or if your business is virtually ran you can “check-in” on things while meeting with new customers.

There is a training component which delivers 30 hours of professionals credits which are issued on-site for licensed professionals attending in all categories in all 50 USA States. Plus professionals gain more clients in one week of time than many develop in over months or a full years of time.

There are around 50 training sessions during each trade show and a typical CEO will look at the schedule and select five to eight trainings they may need right now while never missing the meals that work like booths to drive new customers into their business.

CEO’s have elected to attend five times a year replacing advertising and marketing budgets for the one global trade show that is formatted from the business owner and improved by the business owner five times year.

CEO Space is the only trade show in the world that guarantee’s we must speed up your business or we refund your full membership before you leave the building… as we insist on our members winning.

What to expect at our local meetings:
Intro to CEO Space
Coaching Circle
Collaborative Networking

Most people are coming because they have seen their friends (who are our members) business grow so quickly and strongly, even in a down economy. They are coming mostly to learn how CEO Space can help them.

Additionally however, there will be networking set up so visitors can have a chance to pick up contacts on the spot. Our members are not there to sell you anything and they don't need to because they have access to all the business they need, due to their membership.

When the meeting is over, those that wish to consider membership, questions are answered for them, including raising capital, etc.

These previews are a great way to determine if CEO Space is a good fit for your business.

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