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Description about this meetup CEREUS - An Informal Support Community for Depression and Mental Health. Previously called as Alternative Depression Support Friends.

What is this Meetup's purpose?: Intention is to form a group which is receptive of a person's thoughts and feelings about depression in general. We talk about our issues as friends and openly, but at same time as comfortable and secure so no one feels hurt. We will relate to each other's problems, and offer any advise or pointers, as gently as possible. Please note this is not a support group that functions similar to the western way of therapy sessions, and do not have any so called 'qualified' mental health professionals monitoring or providing guidance. You can imagine this is a evolving group and members here with their inspirations to help another and help themselves are shaping this group.

Apart from discussions we will have activities if someone in the group calls for it..

Why you should join?:
If you are a person who calls a spade a spade speaks openly and truthfully about something, especially difficult matters related to our psychological life..
If you have lost someone to depression or other illness and would like to talk about such things..
If you want to shape up this group to something else, you are welcome as long as we have discussions about the intentions :)
We are fun, though we talk serious things, our ultimate goal is to form a community that works to better life and be open about miseries of humans as we are.

Background Information: Life is fragile but it also has great meaning which we all try to find it in various ways, while aspiring to become something greater in society in our own ways we often get caught in circles. Those of you who had gotten so deep into such a circle will often feel there is nothing or no one to help you, lost hope in religions or books or gurus and find yourself lonely and struggling. You may be impacted by sudden loss of someone or relationship you always dreamt of. Your loved ones or society is unforgiving to your whole being, you think you have given up... and are there a different way of living with such beauty and order, which eventually addresses psychological issues and frees from society's unfortuante demands, we want to enquire in to those.

However please note, since we started this group we are unable to pin point on what exactly is our vested or selfish interests in this group. But we know we are not here to make some gains monetarily, nor searching for company to talk about our personal problems, nor searching for an audience for affirmations or showcase talents; nor we are trying to do the traditional social service to help people with psychological problems..

About the cereus flower and it's significance to our community https://www.meetup.com/CEREUS/pages/28222895/CEREUS__A_Night_blooming_Flower_of_cacti/

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