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These events are CEU credits for Massage therapists, but these classes are also great for educators, health care practitioners and alternative wellness advocates alike. They are intended to educate and empower all community members seeking holistic modalities for their family's health care. Natural, effective tools are presented in these workshops, intended to provide alternative practices such as Reiki, mediation, astrology, Akashic Soul Record Clearing, aromatherapy, and much much more. These classes offer specialized alternative health and healing modalities that are somewhat new concepts to Western healthcare. How we handle stress, trauma and sickness are addressed with these unique spiritual/science based learnings and techniques applicable to multiple schools of thought and education. Please join this community if called to explore these profound tools of health and wellness.

Come visit our Center M-F 9am-2pm for classes and sessions; *Special times for events and appointments on Sat. and Sun.*

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Soul Reiki Level 1 Certification

Soul School @solTERRA Wellness Center

Soul Reiki Level 1, is a wonderful tool to add to anyone's life of wellness, for self and others. You can take this class to assist your personal needs or add to your professional life to add into healing arts sessions, or simply offer this on its own to assist a client with total wholeness and wellbeing. In our Soul Reiki Level 1 you will receive an attunement that is simply a offering by the instructor to bring forward the physical, emotional, and mental symbols into the practitioners field for easy access of these symbols for future use in sessions, also in your attunement you will receive a clearing by the instructor down the spine and up the spine to better open your central channel for accessing re-kei energy, universal life force soul energy, to give to self or others in sessions. Learn about the Biofield and how you can administer Reiki energy, off the body into the aura and Biofield layers to access timelines and free up entangled photon particles back to the charka system. This course recommends purchasing and reading the corresponding chapters to level 1 out of Essential Reiki by Diane Stein. After you have taken level 1, you are welcome to go the full course with level 2 and level 3 for full mastery and ability to teach these courses to others. $100 course fee. http://www.solterrawellness.com/classesandworkshops/ to pay and reserve spot now Come visit our Center M-F 9am-2pm for other class offerings and specialty wellness sessions *Open Special hours for events and appointments on Sat. and Sun.*

Emotional Health in Clinic Settings Aromatherapy Class

Soul School @solTERRA Wellness Center

Aromatherapy (the use of essential oils and plant extracts) has been a subject of interest for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Indians used essential oils for rituals and religious practices, recognizing the oils’ ability to influence human feelings. A Japanese study found that inhaling essential oils can modulate your sympathetic nervous system activity, with certain oils that were found to be stimulating, while others were found to be calming. Thoughts create emotions, which release a chemical response that bind to cell receptors; and experiencing trauma or heartache can create exaggerated emotional reactions. By implementing essential oils to calm reactions and emotions, we can help clear the memories of old feelings, and make room for new emotions in a more controlled aware state that comes with awakened wellness tools. Diffusing or directly inhaling essential oils is the most rapid and intense way to experience their influence on emotions. The use of essential oils has been known to: >Cleanse receptor sites on cells >Deprogram Incorrect DNA Info >Reprogram correct Information for optimal DNA expression For those massage therapists, wellness practitioners, healers, and all health care providers seeking to uplevel their wellness tools kit, then this informative alternative wellness workshop is for YOU. It's intended to empower and assist those looking to go deeper into their offerings and healing modalities. Thank you for your interest- Class Certification $100 All fields of Study and Practice Welcome http://PayPal.me/sourceassist Come visit our Center M-F 9am-2pm for other class offerings and specialty wellness sessions *Open Special hours for events and appointments on Sat. and Sun.*

Guided Meditation Certification Level 1

1017 Illinois Ave

Join us at Soul School at solTERRA Wellness, for our 4 hours how to lead guided meditations educational and experiential workshop. We will review many types of guided meditation techniques, and the benefits of meditation, and guided relaxation in meditation. This certification will be complete with 4 completion of 4 guided meditations led in the community following our workshop. This course can be added the Master of Soul Healing Program for completion of the meditation training requirements. This course is a great addition to any healing arts practitioner for guided meditation and relaxation techniques to be added to sessions or yoga classes. Join Elasa Tiernan, or one of our Soul Guides for this training. We are all Master of Soul Healing Graduates and have been leading meditations with groups. This course is $100. Tuition assistance offered to those in the Master of Soul Healing Program with application requests and reviewed. http://PayPal.me/sourceassist Come visit our Center M-F 9am-2pm for other class offerings and specialty wellness sessions *Open Special hours for events and appointments on Sat. and Sun.*

Soul Healing Level 1: Higher Self Record Clearing (pre-reg req)

Soul School @solTERRA Wellness Center

SOUL HEALING Facilitation Certification Level 1: Higher Self Record Clearing for Full Merger Are you ready to work with the Soul and Higher Self in your healing arts sessions, and discover core records within a clients consciousness that may be locking and limiting their lives goals and desires? Are you ready to add a light touch modality to your practice that reorganizes, re-energize, revitalize, and activates the beings radiant quantum field of energy? Soul* Healing Facilitation is an amazing modality that offers the facilitator and those the facilitator works with a whole new reality and paradigm of wholeness, infinite possibilities, and radiant well-being!! Humanity has entered a time where inner healing is the wave of the future and each being is offered a tool from within that can free fixed points of view. Now is the time to get a tool in your bag that can offer true freedom to those in your practice and to breakthrough the old conditions of the limited mind. When a client is in need of finding where there may be a program or point of view that is stopping their current life from being one of ease, desire, health, wealth, creation, fulfillment, purpose, and passion, finding a practitioner who can go into the Akashic Records or subconscious/unconscious minds to pull of such a program is useful. By investigating deeper into the consciousness of a being to find moments of time where a soul may have protected itself from trauma and pain, or took on a belief that did not serve their infinite abilities, can be opportunity for the being to make a new choice on how they would like to see, feel, remember, create, or think in relationship to the record pulled up. When a memory or program is taking on at early ages or sometimes other lifetimes, it can be hard to put our finger on why it is we think a certain way, respond certain ways, or react to triggers in our lives. A skilled Soul Healing Facilitator who has taken this course will be able to find these records in the akashic/etherial plane, or by a hypnotherapy perspective from within the subconscious or unconscious minds to offer freedom of trapped energies and opportunities for new choices to be made by the conscious and superconscious being. Note Definition of Akashic Records: The akashic records, - akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether" and is described as containing all knowledge of human experience and all experiences as well as the history of the cosmos encoded or written in the very aether or fabric of all existence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akashic_records This course covers: 1-facilitator protection during sessions 2-chakra balancing 3-working with the Higher Self Point, Soul Point, Grounding Point, and Source Point during session 4-Clearing subtle bodies using hand sweeping 5-how to assist client on discovering records within the subconscious and unconscious minds that may be locking and limiting their current physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies 6-Identifying core moments in time (past, past life, present life, future, other worlds, or dimensions) that are connected to current physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks The course is offered online or, over one intensive weekend to allow for ample practice time with partner in class, class concludes with Final Exam $250 Early Bird or $333 at the door. http://www.solterrawellness.com/classesandworkshops/ to pay and reserve spot now Come visit our Center M-F 9am-2pm for other class offerings and specialty wellness sessions *Open Special hours for events and appointments on Sat. and Sun.*

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Soul Healing Level 2: Soul Retrieval (Pre-reg required)

Soul School @solTERRA Wellness Center

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