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If you are open-minded and have an interest in evidence based studies of various anomalies such as UFOs, Alien Abductions and Encounters, ESP, After Death Communication, Near Death Experiences, Mediumship, and other extraordinary experiences, then you fit the profile to become an Explorer in the Central Florida Anomalies Explorers Meetup.

Here are a few expectations to keep in mind:

- Cordial dialog and respect for the opinions of others is expected.

- Political or religious proselytizing is discouraged except as such may fall within the scope of the discussion topic.

- Promoting or selling commercial products is discouraged. (Exception: Books sold by presenter)

- Inactive members are removed from the member list after a period of non-participation. (Visiting our web site demonstrates a member's continuing interest and counts as participation.)

- Before committing yourself to attend an CF Anomalies Explorers meeting, it is strongly recommended that you visit our discussion and files sections and familiarize yourself with any suggested reading materials on the selected topic in order to fully participate in the discussion.

I hope that those reasonable expectations don't discourage you from joining a truly fun and interesting group of Explorers.

Finally, before being accepted as a member, for purposes of introduction, we do request that you briefly answer three simple questions: 1) Tell us a little about yourself and your interest in anomalies; 2) Which areas interest you the most (list from most to least interest) ?; 3) Do you accept the member guidelines described in the CF Anomalies Explorers 'about us' section?

Kind Regards,
Steve, Central Florida Anomalies Explorers Organizer

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