An Evening with James Randi

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Theatre A, Burke Building, St. Mary's University

923 Robie St. · Halifax, NS

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Campus map: Burke Building marked 'B'

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James Randi is embarking on a whirlwind cross-Canada lecture tour hosted by the Centre for Inquiry Canada with Halifax as his grand finale. Randi will be speaking on human psychology and the ease with which it can be manipulated to convince people to believe in psychics, UFOs, ghosts, and other paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims.

This unique and provocative lecture is not only educational but also highly entertaining. It appeals to persons of all educational and social backgrounds and provides a rational perspective on the seemingly paranormal and otherwise unexplained happenings in our day-to-day life. Randi illustrates just how easily many scientists (who should really know better) can become blind to the fact that they are not proficient at detecting fraud, often managing to fool themselves when the prize is sufficiently attractive. And he puts up a million-dollar award as bait!

Admission paid upon entry

$5 for CFI members

$15 for non-members

Unfortunately we are not able to offer advanced ticket sales, so admission will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Seating is limited but plentiful.

There will be a private reception held after the talk for CFI members only - watch for a separate announcement containing reception invitation and details!

About James Randi:

James Randi has an international reputation as a magician and escape artist, but today he is best known as the world's most tireless investigator and demystifier of paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. Randi has pursued "psychic" spoonbenders, exposed the dirty tricks of faith healers, investigated homeopathic water "with a memory", and generally been a thorn in the sides of those who try to pull the wool over the public's eyes in the name of the supernatural. He is the author of numerous books, including The Truth About Uri Geller, The Faith Healers, Flim-Flam!, and An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural. His lectures and television appearances have delighted - and vexed - audiences around the world.