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​​CHAMPS | Childcares Homeschoolers ALL Moms Playdates Socials

Is for passionate local moms and female owned and operated home child cares dedicated to supporting our families by helping to create a safe close-knit village made up of moms like yourself. ​

Mimi became a CHAMPS organizer because being a mom is joyous, stressful, wonderful, frustrating, awesome, and trying all at the same time. CHAMPS also know sometimes it's a lonely and under-appreciated profession.

Mimi also owns iPlanets Academy Hybrid Homeschool Co-Op and Tutoring Services /Homework Assistance. You can see us or come join us at:


CHAMPS Membership is open to all ​MOMS who own ​Home Child Cares,
​ALL MOMS Homeschooling/Thinking of Homeschooling or Soon to be Homeschooling
ALL MOMS who desire to have playdates and to socialize​ with other MOMS​.


CHAMPS is continually seeking and wanting to maintain a group of active and young (or young at heart) cool MOMS who are ready to get out of the house with their children and meet other moms​ and home child care providers​. CHAMPS seeks to be a very diverse group of members who practise or believe in many faiths, lifestyles and moms​ and child care providers​ who come from all over the world providing a fun social network for everyone involved. ​

CHAMPS is perfect for first time moms, seasoned pros or moms ​who want to increase their child /children socialization within the community and beyond​ and for small home child cares who want their children to interact with other children​. ​ ​When we say "ALL MOMS" we mean just that! Are you an empty nester who misses having children tugging on you all day? Did you miscarry your only child or have an abortion? Are you a step parent but don't have a child of your own yet? Are you a grandparent raising your grandchildren? A foster mom? Adoptive mom? Mom raising a blended family? Lost a your child through a tragic death or accident or disease? Come join us! Nothing is more healing than the light and laughter of a child. We could use your wisdom, your willingness, your passion and genuine love. Whatever stage you are at as a MOM first of all we thank you and we welcome you to come and share with us in whatever capacity you can.

CHAMPS ​is about being supportive, engaging​, enrich​ing​, provides opportunities to explore and educational​ for our children. We want ​m​oms​ and home child care businesses who can appreciate open communication, honesty, friendship, who RSVP when they want to come and courteous enough to let us know when they have changed their minds. Moms who can allow their children to work out their own conflicts but also don't allow bullying of any kind. Those who can help their children to foster new relationships and friendships. Those who are okay with someone speaking to their child if they see them doing something wrong and who will do the same in a respectful way with our children safety in mind first. Moms who understand when their children may not want to play or are fussy (especially younger siblings) and takes their child home and comes back another time when their child is in the mood to interact with others. No worry we will have plenty upcoming events. Its okay. We all feel that way sometimes and all have had to deal with our children not cooperating. No judgement from us at all. We just want fun experiences for the families in attendance and we want the children to have fun. Moms who can simply say "Hi" and introduce themselves and smile at others who do the same. Everyone wants acceptance and to feel welcome and it's all our responsibility within this group to make that happen.

CHAMPS will coördinate playdates, post field trips, questions, struggles, ideas, encouragement, make plans, friends, network, announce neighborhood activities, offer encouragement to each other, offer resources about childcare or schools or classes, share information about suspicious or criminal activity to keep our children safe, celebrate together, connect with other moms and learn from others who are different from us, offer tips for things to do or services to try, be a supportive community, discuss things of interest​ and allow hosts to share events that are of interest to our moms or home child care businesses. CHAMPS value and respect others different educational philosophies as well as their diverse religious views, affiliations and require acceptance (or at least polite toleration) of ALL members.

We want CHAMPS to be a safe place for moms to meet together to laugh, cry, and embrace the journey of motherhood. ​CHAMPS want all of our moms honest, to think out loud, to feel more equipped, and to find their identity by journeying alongside one another. CHAMPS welcome a range of topics but ask all to respectfully share your thoughts, questions and advice with others. But we encourage you to tell us what is on your mind as long as it is about children and information a mother or child care provider can use. CHAMPS reserve the right to delete messages that do not meet this criteria. Most importantly, we want to celebrate you and your children uniqueness and diversity!

​CHAMPS genuinely believe our ​moms​ or home child care businesses are doing whatever they think is best for their families​ or their home child care business​es​​. CHAMPS respectfully acknowledge that every child has unique needs and that every ​mom or home child care business​ ​who are members of CHAMPS is doing ​their very best to help the children become no-limit people and responsible, proactive citizens. CHAMPS is generally a very open, accepting and inclusive group. ​Our purpose is to connect with all mom's whether working or stay at home, old or young, whether through birth, foster care, child care, adoption, teachers, step parents and blended families or home child care businesses ​via a variety of play dates, meetups, events and encourage new friendships and a support structure that we hope will develop and nurture above and beyond for you, your child or children​.​

Our common ground is that we are joining for our children who just want to have some fun! ​​Participating and joining CHAMPS either online or in planned activities denotes an agreement with the group's commitment to diversity and vision of inclusion. We're united by the wish to have a positive and open-minded safe community for our children, and we welcome others who feel the same way. ​We encourage all who attend our events to share your pics and videos​ on our private Facebook group for all our moms to see and enjoy for years to come​. CHAMPS ​is happy to have you and look forward to calling you friend. ​

​​CHAMPS is a private group and acceptance includes access to our CHAMPS meetup calendar, voting rights on all CHAMPS business, access to CHAMPS photo library on our CHAMPS Facebook page, etc.


CHAMPS Membership Commitment


​All ​CHAMPS ​members are asked to attend at least 1 event every 28 days. Inactive moms or child care businesses who have gone more than 88 days without participation will be purged unless they have submitted a reason.

All those wanting to join CHAMPS as a member must post a recent picture of yourself or your family, not of your children only, so that we recognize you at meetups.

​All CHAMPS members must keep a valid email address ​where we can reach you at. We're committed to never spam you but will only use your email to communicate with you about meetups, events, dues reminder, any rescheduling or cancellations.

It is the members responsibility to read the actual event details.

We must be committed to show interest and be involved in our groups activities. We have a 2 person RSVP rule. If we don't have at least 2 people RSVP then the event shall be cancelled. All events are planned and hosted by volunteers. Let's come out and help support them. YOU make the group and we need YOU to be there for it to be fun for all. The 2 person rule does not count the HOST.

JOIN NOW for FREE with our 14 days FREE trial period. After that it is ONLY $3.01 monthly in membership dues. That's less than a $1 a week to join us and start meeting new friends and get the kiddos out enjoying themselves. The reason we do monthly is so you don't have to commit the whole year. If you feel it's worth the $3 pay it and stay with us. If not you can leave any month you feel like this group is not servicing you or providing value. If you decide to leave you may have the opportunity to rejoin. The dues includes access to our club meetup calendar, voting rights on all club business, our Facebook page, etc. This will help to eliminate inactive moms and make it a better experience overall for members.

Those who do not pay the dues will automatically be removed after the 30 day trial period. This process will be far easier and less time consuming then doing it manually.

A portion of your dues will be donated to one of the following charities yearly on December 28 :

*Wigs for Kids​ (

​ ​ *Make a Wish

*Boys and Girls Club of America

* Ronald McDonald Charities

*The Salvation Army

*Soldiers Angels

*St. Judes Child Research​ Hospital (

*March of Dimes

*Carter's Osh Kosh B'Gosh

​All ​Members ​will ​vote on which charities every year. Hosts will then draw a charity using the top 3 charities chosen.

​If you arrive and do not see anyone from the group please call or text your hostess to locate the group so that you are not marked as a "NO SHOW." ​ ​Two no meetup posts / no shows shall put you on probation and after 3 no meetup posts / no shows your membership will be revoked. Again this just has to do with courtesy toward others. ​

No member who has been purged shall have access to our meetup group or our meetup calendar. No member who has been purged shall attend events we are hosting. All members purged for behavioral problems shall have a waiting period of 88 days before they will be able to re-apply and membership is not guaranteed. All hosts who have been purged will have a 28 day waiting period to reapply and reinstating of hosts status is not guaranteed. But all purged members can reapply so they can resume enjoying the group once meeting these requirements.


CHAMPS Hosting Opportunities


​CHAMPS encourages our Moms​ and home child care businesses​ to create and organize events. CHAMPS offer two hosting opportunities that is open to all our members who meet the requirements; REGULAR HOST or BUSINESS HOST​. To encourage group commitment and to make sure we have a range of available activities​ we will allow REGULAR HOST or BUSINESS HOST who show interest to host their own niche hobby meetups, playdates​ or business events. The host can do any activity that sounds interesting or pair up with another mom to host it. For example: field trips, themed or un-themed play dates, holiday gatherings, book or curriculum discussions for parents, classes/unit studies, host for Park Days, ​teaching knitting​,​ teaching golfing, teaching violin lessons, open houses for their child cares, volunteer activities, clubs, trips to plays or musicals, etc. Our philosophy is that if there is something that you would like to see that isn’t here, feel free to organize it yourself. If your child has an interest and you can’t find anyone with similar interests, organize a small event for that age group on that topic and see who shows up! ​All hosts would be allowed to ​submit, ​organize or plan at least 1 ​meetup per ​month.​

All those interested in being a must be a member for 28 days and have attended at least 2 meetups before they would be allowed to apply to be a REGULAR HOST. This gives you an opportunity to meet CHAMPS members and current HOSTS to ask any questions you may have in person so you get a understanding about CHAMPS. We ask all our REGULAR HOST to apply only if you are interested in hosting at least 8 meetups in a year once accepted. REGULAR HOST can only host events that are centered around our children and include children.
All those interested in being a BUSINESS HOST​ must be a member for 28 days, have attended at least 8 meetups and given a honest review on their experiences at those meetups before they would be allowed to apply to be a BUSINESS HOST​. Once accepted as a CHAMPS BUSINESS HOST you will be required to pay an annual fee of $28. BUSINESS hosting dues will be due immediately and then will continue to renew annually whether you host an event or not until you cease to be a BUSINESS HOST for CHAMPS. CHAMPS reserve the right to reject or revoke hosting requests by certain businesses that they deem will not benefit our members, our members have shown a lack of interest in, our members have given low ratings or may be inappropriate. CHAMPS BUSINESS HOST​ are allowed to host regular events as well as events that are solely centered around their business. Business events may or may not include our children attendance and can be solely for the MOMS. BUSINESS HOST may charge a small fee for those who are in attendance for their services to help recoup their monthly dues. At these meetups they would only be allowed to use the following ways to collect funds:PayPal, Square and Cash App for security purposes and to protect the members financial information. CHAMPS is not financially responsible for these meetups. The ​ transactions would be strictly between the member of this group and the BUSINESS HOST who is hosting it. Any issues with the meetup shall be handled with the BUSINESS HOST first either directly or by email or text. If there is no resolution within 8 days then you can ask CHAMPS to step in to decide a matter. All decisions by CHAMPS are final. ​No host shall spam members. Hosts will only be allowed to speak directly to those within the group who show interest to a meetup they have posted.

Within the first 28 days REGULAR HOST or BUSINESS HOST​ are allowed to only host 2 events and can not reschedule those events (unless you fail to get at last 2 RSVP's) because CHAMPS seek dependable host that our members can rely on and build a trusting relationship with. Not following these guidelines can cause your hosting abilities to be revoked, all dues shall end and you will have to reapply to host again. BUSINESS HOST are also allowed to create polls to get feedback information on how to host better events. After the 28 day probationary period you will be allowed to host as many regular events as you like but only 2 business events per week. Please use your business events to discuss your businesses to avoid any member feeling pressured or uncomfortable at CHAMPS regular meetups or events.

All Business Events must be marked as business, if there are monies to be collected it shall be at the very top of your event posting right below the title. ​If there is a fee for the event it must be clearly stated on the event you create and detail how collection shall be made​ (PayPal, Square or Cash APP). No host CHAMPS organizer shall accept cash! Collection of fees should not take place until 5-10 minutes before the event is to start to make sure all is in attendance and that the event will in fact take place. All members who show interest must be allowed to attend, all meet ups ​MUST be ​in ​a preapproved public​ place with a plan B if it is an outside venue for when there is bad weather and in a safe environment​ that accommodates all that show interest​.

​If you plan an event and can not make it then you must write it on your event so the members can see and email everyone who shown interest to make them aware as soon as you are aware you can not make it. All those who show interest who can not make it shall do the same as a courtesy to your fellow members​ because you are meeting up with a FRIEND, not a STRANGER. Kids are expecting playmates too. ​
​All hosts who post an event must put their name like Mimi- at the beginning of the title to show that a host created that event and all business events shall start with Business- to alert our members it is an event created for the sole purpose of your business. All titles shall explain exactly what the meetup is and not use excessive characters in them. All CHAMPS events shall start with CHAMPS- so that all members shall be able to tell who created what meetup. ​

Title:Business-Child Care Open House

Fee:$5.00 due at Open House

Body of Event goes next....

Hosting dues are NON-REFUNDABLE but you can stop your hosting dues at any time. CHAMPS ​has a grace period for those host members who go into default on their dues. CHAMPS will make attempts to withdraw your hosting dues over a 8 day period. You will receive 2 emails and 2 posts on our meetup page to remind you of your hosting commitment. Failure to follow any of the hosting guidelines above can cause your hosting abilities to be revoked, all dues shall end and you will have to reapply to be a host. Thanks for your commitment to paying your hosting dues monthly!


CHAMPS is NOT the following


​CHAMPS is NOT for those who are germaphobes. We plan on getting messy and dirty as much as possible as long as our children are learning​ and exploring​. ​
CHAMPS is NOT for those who need constant smoke breaks. This is a NO SMOKING while on play dates ​or hosting ​zone.
​CHAMPS is NOT for those who won't give permission for their children images to be used on our Facebook ​page and Twitter. We are here to share with other moms and child care givers sample play dates through videos and pictures. So all those seeking to join MUST be okay with themselves and their children images being shown on social media.
CHAMPS is NOT for those who can't refrain from drugs or drinking while on play dates or events. Please do your recreational activities on your own time not when we are engaging with not only our children but other ​moms, child care providers and​ children.
​CHAMPS is NOT for those who can not refrain from using profanity around children even if that child is yours.
​CHAMPS is NOT for those who are overly religious or overly political. We don't want to discriminate against anyone and we expect everyone to respect everyone even if that person don't believe the way we do. Friendly banter, sharing thoughts, wisdom and open discussion is okay but we have ZERO tolerance for bashing, degrading, bullying or treating someone bad or indifferent simply because they don​'​t believe as you.
​CHAMPS is NOT for moms who allow their children to bully others. This is a NO BULLY ZONE! Bullying can cause your membership to be revoked and it may or may not be reinstated. All decisions by CHAMPS is final.
​CHAMPS is NOT a place to create cliques it is totally inclusive for all our members. We are moms from all different backgrounds and we are open to not only share but learn from others.
CHAMPS members and hosts can be adventurous but we are not risk takers. SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS!
​CHAMPS is NOT homophobic but it is also NOT the place to educate our children on the different family structures that exist in the world. If you are a mom who is with another mom that's cool but we ask that you refrain from public displays of affection while in the presence of the children. Keep your private life private. All moms have the right when to educate their children in these matters when they feel it is the right time to do so.
​CHAMPS ​is NOT the place to "Keep up with the Jones". We are here to make all our children feel equal, loved, appreciated, cared for, have the same opportunities and chances to experience the same activities and events.
​CHAMPS ​is NOT a classified advertising marketing spamming​ group therefore advertisers are only allowed on a restricted basis.​ Please refrain from soliciting or generic posts promoting your business, etc. ​CHAMPS will revoke your membership and/or possibly ban you if these rules are not respected. We urge our moms to pursue their entrepreneurial pursuits but we want to keep the focus on our children. ​If you're interested in ​sharing information about your business then you must become a BUSINESS HOST and offer your information to our members by creating and hosting an event that all are welcome to attend. Host are not allowed to solicit our members but are welcome to communicate with those moms who have initiated interest in your business or events by joining an event you have created.
​CHAMPS​ is NOT the place for racism. It is an inclusive group of moms​ and child care providers​ from all ethnic backgrounds.
​​CHAMPS is NOT a group for fathers (sorry dads) we love you and appreciate all you do but CHAMPS is for MOMS ONLY (even if you are a child care provider/single parent/stay at home dad with the kiddos). ​Again​,​

C​HAMPS appreciate you and celebrate you but C​HAMPS is for MOMS ONLY. With that being said, please do not invite others who are male to​ C​HAMPS events. We want all our moms to feel comfortable at all times when they are out with us.

CHAMPS is a NO PET ZONE! Please leave your loveable pets at home or with a trusted family member or friend even if they are super friendly and child friendly. If you have a seeing eye dog or a comfort dog please contact HOSTS to make them aware and submit documentation.

C​HAMPS is NOT for those hosts who can not meet their monthly dues commitment. ​Failure to keep up your hosting dues commitment will result in you forfeiting your ability to host.

CHAMPS is not for those who can't attend an event at least 1 time every 28 days. CHAMPS understands that we are all busy moms but we are seeking ​ACTIVE, INVOLVED participation from all our moms. ​This is so everyone can get to know one another and for the children to form true friendships.

If CHAMPS sounds appealing to you, we welcome you wholeheartedly! Peace and blessings to you! ​

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