The Beginner's Guide to the Stream Processing Galaxy - David Makogon

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Topic: The Beginner's Guide to the Stream Processing Galaxy

Imagine storing all of Twitter in a database. Now, imagine trying to *query* that data in a meaningful way. And, *now* imagine how much horsepower you'd need, and how long you might have to wait.

Stream Processing is all about doing something with data *as it arrives*. And stream processing has become a fundamental part of the world of Big Data.

In this demo-heavy session, we will work with real data to produce some really cool insights on data.

More importantly: This is an introductory session! While tools like Spark can seem intimidating to master, we are going to take the anti-intimidating, fun approach.

Speaker: David Makogon, Principal Software Engineer, Azure+Data+Snacks at Microsoft

7:15pm - Networking Time
7:30pm - Announcements and Opening Message
7:40pm - Main Presentation
8:50pm - Wrap up