PowerApps - Awesome Apps in a jiffy. Solve problems without the hassle.


Join us for an information packed tour of PowerApps. In this session you will learn the What, Why, and How or PowerApps -

What? PowerApps is a Platform as a Service from Microsoft that allows you to create business apps for almost every device with no code and no infrastructure needed beyond what you might already have today.

Why? PowerApps lets you tackle productivity bottlenecks and business “noise” that traditionally would have cost you an arm and a leg to develop. Get connected with all your data - PowerApps provides hundreds of connectors to almost all mainstream services to bring all your information together in one app.

How? You'll get a good understanding of how you can easily design and deploy a PowerApp in your organization and solve those problems that were always out of reach.

In this presentation we’ll cover the basics of what PowerApps is and isn’t and we discover how you can take a common business scenario to the next level with very little effort.

Presented by Randy Hayes
Randy is the President of CMAP and a 10 year Microsoft MVP. In the business world, Randy is the president of Expert Network Solutions - a company that specializes in the efficiency and productivity of small- to mid-size companies by helping them focus on their technology and utilize what they have in order to build a better tomorrow.

7:00pm - Networking Time
7:15pm - Announcements and Opening Message
7:20pm - Main Presentation
8:50pm - Wrap up