B2B Growth-Hacking: Effective ways to Dramatically Grow Your Business

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As a B2B marketer you are probably struggling driving more warm leads onboard, having your sales team conduct more demos and close more deals. There are no magic tricks in our business, but only hard work and persistency - however, I will share with you some shortcuts and methodologies that will help you scale your efforts and will help you put your marketing efforts on the right track.

During this session, Omri Yacubovich (https://twitter.com/omri_yacubovich) will uncover some proven methodologies as well as examples for Growth Hacking activities, including how did I manage to increase Commerce Sciences traffic by 700%. (http://blog.commercesciences.com/how-do-you-increase-traffic-by-700/)

These methodologies and examples are highly relevant for B2C marketers as well.