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Gonzo Build #2

Hosted by CNC Build Club

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Pumping Station One

3519 N Elston · Chicago, IL

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We meet at the Pumping Station One hackerspace.

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The CNC Club is a weekly meeting of Chicago area people passionate about learning, building and using digital fabrication equipment. It is held at the Pumping Station One ( Hackerspace. It is open to non members. We also have a Google Group called CNC Build Club. (!forum/cnc-build-club)

Each week we talk about, build, train on and use CNC machines. We have 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers and vinyl cutters. Come out and join the fun.

This week the CNC Build Club is going to attempt Gonzo Build #2. A gonzo build is where we try to knock out a complete CNC project in one night. Gonzo build #1 was the Quantum Delta 3D printer.

This week we are going to build a one axis 2D drawing machine. This uses two independently controlled carriages on the same axis to get 2D motion at the ends of the linkages. The purpose is only to have a little fun and to cut our teeth on a simple inverse kinematics ( machine before moving onto a much more complex 6 axis machine.

If you want to help, please join us. The meeting is open to non members. Please RSVP, but don't pay attention to the attendee count. Most PS1 members do not RSVP :-(