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The CNC Club is a weekly meeting of Chicago area people passionate about learning, building and using digital fabrication equipment.

Each week we talk about, build, train on and use CNC machines. We have 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers and vinyl cutters. Come out and join the fun.

This week we will not be at Pumping Station One, we will be at Beauty Bar doing a 3D Printer Cage Match. We will have about dozen brands of printers competing for print speed, quality and a bunch of other things. This will be more for fun than and serious comparison. The test print is a catapult, so the speedier teams can launch ping pong balls at the slower ones.

See this link for more details. (

Please RSVP, but don't be concerned about the low RSVP count. Unfortunately most people don't respond, but we usually get between 10 and 30 people per week.

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