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This is a group dedicated to organizing games of Dungeons & Dragons and other TT-RPGs (Table-Top Role Playing Games) in the rough Central Jersey area. We welcome all games and all gamers.

Check out our calendar for ongoing games. You can message the GM directly about their specific game. Alternatively, check out the "Discussions" section to advertise your availability or even try and organize your own game. If you would like to take on the role of G/DM, please message Rui Almeida directly and inquire about getting upgraded to "Event Organizer".

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Team Unknown presents: Out of the Abyss

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*This meetup is currently full and no longer taking new members.

Blingdenstone has been a welcome change of pace for the adventurers Nym, Derhvia, Ranna, Smirk, and Gribble. Comfy beds, a nervous yet welcoming reception, and plenty of places to shop and trade. Smirk has brought music and entertainment to the once stale Foaming Mugg Inn and it's patron Happy Foamstrap has been gracious and giving to the party.

After a few days R&R the group got down to business trying to find a way out of the Underdark only to be met with mistrust by the leaders of Blingdenstone, the Diggermattocks.

Since then the group has helped forge a union between the wererats of clan Goldwhisker and uncovered a dire situation in the old royal sector of Blingdenstone. The pudding king, who was once a svirfneblin and friend to Dorbo Diggermattock, is staging a grand gathering of oozes to take Blingdenstone for an unknown purpose.

Our adventurers relayed what they say to the Diggermattocks and a grand council of Blingdenstone is to be called. Senni Diggermattock asked the group to help out in the rockblight to free up the leaders of the stoneheart enclave.

We last left off with our party slaying Naheedra, a drow princess turned Medusa over a century long exposure to Ogremochs bane. We continue in the rockblight where the temple of steadfast stone awaits.

World's End

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The world has ended. The final battle between the Creator and the Adversary supposedly occurred about fifty years ago, though still no one is certain which side was victorious. The Caelian Empire, a source of peace and stability throughout the multiverse for thousands of years, lies broken and in ruins in the aftermath of the conflict. Their great wonders of magic, including the Dweomer Gates which allowed instantaneous travel to anywhere in the sprawling multi-planar empire, have stopped working. What remains of the empire now find themselves weakened, fractured, and isolated. Here in the backwater colony of Vasloria at the very edges of the former empire, the world remains relatively unscathed but the remnants of Caelian civilization is slowly crumbling into ruin.

You are in Orlane, a village that was conquered some thirty years ago by the arch-necromancer Dalinar the Black. Dalinar is reclusive and has not left his tower or spoken to anyone in many years, but his horde of skeletal minions and ominous obsidian tower are ever present. They generally don’t bother the villagers and are useful in keeping most larger threats away. From what rumors are heard of other places, things elsewhere are much worse.

A few years ago, crusaders began arriving under the banner of St. Ajax the Messiah-Emperox from what they called the new Vaslorian Empire. They proclaimed their mission was to destroy the evils of this land, like Dalinar, and restore the glory of Caelian civilization. In practice, they have proven to be about as bad as the evils they fight.

The most recent batch of Vaslorian crusaders have been crushed and driven out of the village by Dalinar’s undead horde, but all isn’t well. Neighbors who have known each other for years now seem like strangers and the friendly atmosphere of the town has turned to suspicion and paranoia. Something sinister is at work in Orlane.

Tomb of Annihilation

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The land has been struck by the so-called death curse: a wasting disease afflicting everyone who's ever been raised from the dead. Victims grow thinner and weaker, slowly but steadily dying again. When they finally succumb, they can't be raised--and neither can anyone else, regardless of if they've been raised in the past. No cure or treatment has yet been discovered. Laeral Silverhand, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, has offered a bounty of half a million gold pieces to anyone who can put an end to the death curse. Recently, the Blackstaff Vajra Safahr announced that divinations had revealed the curse's source: a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger located somewhere in Chult.

You were one of the first adventurers to catch a boat headed for Chult, knowing that the key to stopping the death curse most assuredly lies somewhere in the peninsula's nigh impenetrable jungles. After nearly two weeks of sailing, you and your fellow shipmates near Port Nyanzaru, the only major settlement in Chult to begin the hunt.

The Changing Sails Presents: Waterdeep Dragon Heist

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*This Meetup I currently full and not taking on new party members.

Last time on Dragon Heist:

The Changing Sails have had a busy couple of days since finding Floon in the Xanathar Guild Hideout and earning Trollskull Manor as a reward. Eldora, Fiddler, Khan, Maroda, and new member Prospero have gained a little renown in this giant city and many factions as well as guilds have expressed interest in them.

Eldora joined the Emerald Enclave and was tasked to track and destroy whatever beast was ransacking the farmlands outside the city walls. Through sheer skill and determination, the Changing Sails discovered the den, destroyed a phase spider cared for by an ettercap, and saved a lost boy to boot.

A festival known as Goldenight in which midnight deals celebrate the coming of spring trade with a grand display of wealth in the city occurred that night and our adventurers explored the Market Ward and all it's pleasures and vices.

Khan was offered tickets to an Opera later the next day due to Renaer talking about him to an unknown source. Maroda was offered a position in the Order of the Gauntlet, he accepted and had to investigate a disturbance in the City of the Dead. Finding a mausoleum door broken and cast aside, the party went below only to discover a gelatinous cube cleaning up the evidence of a Hellish Ritual gone wrong down below. A mummy with other various undead attacked and Maroda was cursed with the Mummy Rot.

Returning to the Order at the Temple of Tyr, Maroda was cured with divine magic and our adventurers completed the quest, earning themselves 50gold each. We begin the next episode around the evening time after a rough encounter in the crypts.

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Ariamus' Tyranny of Dragons

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