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Team Unknown presents: Out of the Abyss
*Team Unknown is currently full. It's been 7 days since Velkynvelve. 7 long, miserable, and treacherous days eluding your Drow pursuer's, and trying to stay alive against the wild Underdark. Rampaging grimlocks, darkmantles, carrion crawlers, the strange creatures known as Xvarts, an insane spectator named Basil, and oh so many giant spiders have done their best to prevent your passing. You have been making your way through the Underdark traveling to Sloobludop, the Kuo-Toa settlement along the Darklake. Meeting a strange pair of Goblins named Yuk-yuk and Spiderbait who agreed to help you navigate the Silken Paths towards Sloobludop. Less than a few miles away from Sloobludop a Kuo-Toa patrol, shouting praises to Lemogoogoon, attempted an ambush clearly attempting to capture the group. Heroically, the adventurers prevailed with a timely arrival of a rival Kuo-Toa patrol. The leader cast a spell of Tongues on the adventurers and informed them of the events of a faction war in Sloobludop.

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This is a group dedicated to organizing games of Dungeons & Dragons in the rough Central Jersey area. If you are interested in joining a game, please message the organizer of that event. Note that recurring, ongoing games will not usually have spots open, but new groups are just over the horizon!

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