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Team Unknown presents: Out of the Abyss

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Blingdenstone, home of the Svirfneblin Deep Gnomes, is a sight for a sore eye. Our adventurers have just walked into the first cavern of the city and are met with a brightly lit warm and welcoming city. A few Deep Gnomes walk about there business, the expressions on their faces as they glance at the new comers is clearly reserved but not hostile.

Over a month our group has been trapped and stranded in the Underdark, surviving on instinct and skill in a dangerous and unforgiving place. Blingdenstone is the first opportunity for any sense of urban living. It seems the Gnomes have been busy rebuilding their ruined city and most of "Inner Blingdenstone" is refurbished. Upon walking in, a guard informed the group that it would be in good taste to introduce themselves to the "King and Queen" Diggermattocks, which caused Jimjar to stifle a laugh.

We lead off this session with the adventurers just entering Inner Blingdenstone with an entire city unexplored.