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Blingdenstone has been a welcome change of pace for the adventurers Nym, Derhvia, Ranna, Smirk, and Gribble. Comfy beds, a nervous yet welcoming reception, and plenty of places to shop and trade. Smirk has brought music and entertainment to the once stale Foaming Mugg Inn and it's patron Happy Foamstrap has been gracious and giving to the party.

After a few days R&R the group got down to business trying to find a way out of the Underdark only to be met with mistrust by the leaders of Blingdenstone, the Diggermattocks.

Since then the group has helped forge a union between the wererats of clan Goldwhisker and uncovered a dire situation in the old royal sector of Blingdenstone. The pudding king, who was once a svirfneblin and friend to Dorbo Diggermattock, is staging a grand gathering of oozes to take Blingdenstone for an unknown purpose.

Our adventurers relayed what they say to the Diggermattocks and a grand council of Blingdenstone is to be called. Senni Diggermattock asked the group to help out in the rockblight to free up the leaders of the stoneheart enclave.

We last left off with our party slaying Naheedra, a drow princess turned Medusa over a century long exposure to Ogremochs bane. We continue in the rockblight where the temple of steadfast stone awaits.