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Skeptics In The Pub - Team Trivia Edition
Come out and team up with fellow skeptics and test your mettle. There no cost to play and it's a lot of fun. Pit your team's wits against other skeptics and teams from around the area. The game starts at 8 so be sure to get there a little earlier to pick your teams, name and tables. Team sizes are limited to 7 people, but we will break up into teams when we know who is there. Also, think up some funny/suggestive team names. You will be responsible for your own food and drink.

The Distillery

3112 Erie Blvd. East · Dewitt, NY

What we're about

Central New York Skeptics (CNY Skeptics) is a community organization dedicated to the promotion of science and reason, the investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims, and the improvement of standards for science education and critical-thinking skills.

The Most Precious Thing We Have

CNY Skeptics subscribes to the premise that the scientific method is the most reliable and self-correcting system for obtaining knowledge about the world and universe. We don’t simply reject out of hand every unusual idea; however we do insist that unusual ideas require considerable supporting evidence before we accept them as being true. In other words, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Policy on Faith-Based Claims

CNY Skeptics respects the religious and non-religious beliefs of others, and recognizes that spirituality is based on faith and is not testable. Consequently, spirituality in itself is of no interest to CNY Skeptics. If, however, a spiritual leader or spiritual group makes a testable claim, then that claim ceases to be a matter of faith and, as such, might be an area of interest to the group. (

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