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For Colorado Wellness Professionals in the Greater Denver area, CWP is your sharing and networking home. Join us on the first Thursday of the month and other special meeting times to foster working relationships with your wellness professionals also meeting inside and outside the group for further mutual benefits. I commend many of you for getting together outside the group and collaborating on projects. Many of you are trading and that is great. This is not a leads group but a place to form synergistic collaborative relationships of mutual support, learning and referring.

This is for both medical and alternative health. If you provide something that helps mentally, physically, spiritually, or emotionally this group is for you. Although it is possible that we could be each other's clients, the main focus is intelligent referrals not to network and get each other as clients. Don't expect me to refer you if I can't understand what you do. We can't truly recommend anyone or be fully aware of them as professionals unless we have an experience with them. Talk is cheap - show what you do.

Participating in this group means that you are coming from enough abundance to not be competitive and are open to learn. Space is limited so if you RSVP and don't show up for more than one meeting you will be dropped from the group.

First Thursday of each month will be our regular meetup time along with other times we will meet for special events. Until now the meetups have been free just so we could get to know each other. Every meetup has been different with very different people. We would like to build a cohesive organization that supports your learning and success.

I am asking for $5 paid at the meeting so we can build this into something good.

If you are into trade You can find the trade group at:


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