• Career Pivot 1:1 - Leveraging Your Skills to Get a Career in Tech

    Want to make break into the tech industry but don’t know where to start? Don't spend your time and money doing another boring resume review. Get personalized help to re-position your Our Career Pivot 1:1 with Career Coach and Expert, Meg Duffy, is designed to help you: - Understand different roles in tech that are complementary to your current skills - Map out your skills to get clear on how you want to spend your time, what you want to learn, and what you’re good at - Craft a resume that highlights your skills and how you apply them - Create a skills matrix to determine areas of interest and areas of growth - Modify your resume to share your past work experience through the lens of a new job description Light snacks will be provided. About Our Lead Instructor: Meg Duffy is a career coach for people working in the digital world. Her own career path is a wiggly noodle: she’s worked as an ESL tutor, a cross country coach, an archivist at the Metropolitan Opera, a Chief of Staff, and the Dean of the Grace Hopper Program, a coding bootcamp for women. What’s the common thread? In each of these roles, she helped people clarify what they wanted to achieve and take steps towards that goal. When she’s not coaching, Meg can be found running with North Brooklyn Runners, cooking cheese-intensive meals, and playing with her corgi puppy, Gary. About the Space: Galvanize is a collection of modern, urban campuses where people can access the skills and network they need in-person or online to level up in tech. Our culture is shaped by first-time entrepreneurs and growing startups, to Fortune 1000 companies. FAQs: Is Galvanize wheelchair accessible? Yes! Are there gender neutral bathrooms? Yes!