Next Meetup

Dance-Arts-Music-Ar­ts-Dance-Bands-Show­s-Music-Dance- Get The Parties Going -
Dance Arts Music Music Arts Dance Dance Arts Music Bands Shows Music Dance Jazz Blues Latin Classical Opera … Trad Big Band Swing Salsa … --- Many of us like Many of the above … --- We did not want to see this Meet Up Disappear – Though nobody has done much with it lately – Hopefully that will change – I guess I have been volunteered to be the new “ babysitter” If you misbehave – I will not send you up to your room … I will hopefully misbehave with you, and find a few others here who care to join us … --- This Week End – Detroit Jazz Festival – Who’s going where – when ???? --- I will drop some more info here tomorrow . --- Drop a note here - Send me an email - Mr.G-ROX at Buy me a BEER ... Thank You ; G ------------------------------------

Needs a location