What we're about

All of the meetups for this group will take place at the local Church of Scientology, Mission of San Francisco, 2501 Judah St. near Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach. I am a volunteer staff member there. You can be of any religion or none to come. You are not expected to change your religion here. All beliefs are respected. I am Tim, and I am the Organizer for this meetup group. I used to get nervous in social situations, have trouble with public speaking and difficulty expressing myself. Nowadays I talk to people a lot, I express myself easily, and I speak in front of groups regularly. This change in my ability to communicate didn't just happen. I did a lot of communication training to improve my skills. Through my training, I have realized that basically the reason people have a hard time with communication is because they have been taught only language and words. but really being there, communicating, listening-This can take a lifetime of experience or just the right training. We teach exactly what communication is and vital communication fundamentals, that once learned gives you confidence in all areas of communication, be they personal or business, one on one or groups. The members will get together to practice the exact techniques that have successfully helped people improve communication. Don't worry, the training we do will not be too hard on you, or put you on the spot. Correct communication results in mutual understanding, which is very beautiful and very enjoyable. If you end up making friends or decide to meet up more with the members of this group, that's a bonus. I'll try to schedule frequent meetups. If you are interested, join this group. If you have any questions, call me at (415)724-7860.