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Hello amazing spirits!

For over a year I have been called to offer monthly intuitive development circles to provide others with an opportunity to enhance their abilities while also building community (and friendships) with other spiritually minded souls. So.... here it is!

Each month, beginning September 2019, we will meet for 90-minutes to explore themes such as:

* Working with crystals
* Nature & spiritual practices
* Angels & fairies
* Essential oils
* Dream interpretation,
* Oracle cards
* Energy clearing & protection
* Space clearing
* Meditation & yoga
* Energy healing
* Akashic Records
* and more!

The session will kick off with a group connection activity, followed by a teaching on the topic, which includes practicing the skill/ability. We will tap into the collective wisdom and experiences of the group to enrich our overall understanding. You will then be given an intuitive homework kit so you can practice what you learn in your everyday life.

Each month the topic will change, so just attend the circles that resonate with you. And if there is s topic you are interested in, let me know. I will invite guest teachers to lead circles on topics I am not versed in.

The intention is to build meaningful connections and relationships so the circles will be limited to 10 people. As the group grows, I will host a second circle each month and/or invite other teachers to lead circles.

The fee for each circle is $25 , which includes your intuitive homework kit. We will also plan free meet-up opportunities and other adventures such as meditative nature hikes and community service events based on what the group is passionate about.

I am honored to get this community started and excited to see it grow and evolve.



Transformational Coach
Agni Coaching

Upcoming events (2)

LINK | Intuitive Meet-Up: Essential Oils | FREE

King County Library

Each month we will get together for 45-minutes to sample an intuitive development topic and spend time with other heart-centered people. This is a FREE event! October Topic: Essential Oils & Energy Work This is a casual gathering and we will chat about using essential oils as part of energy work, including: *What essential oils do you use and why? *How do you use essential oils in your energy practice(s)? *What is your best tip for using essential oils? If you are new to using essential oils, please come! You will learn a lot from the collective wisdom in the room. If you want to advance your knowledge of using essential oils in your energy practices, sign up for the CONNECT Intuitive Development circle on 11/20. There are only 10 spots available @ $25 per person.

CONNECT | Intuitive Development Circle: Energy Protection | $25

Protecting & clearing our energy! Our second intuitive development circle explores the importance of protecting and clearing our energy. Whether we realize it or not, certain people, situations and environments can deplete and pollute our energy field. So how do you protect yourself without closing your heart center? We will explore that topic as well as how to: *Recognize your own energy field *Sense the energy field of others *Identify when your energy is being impacted - positively & negatively *Learn 3 quick techniques to clear your personal energy field *Set up a protective energy shield *Create a personal daily energy clearing practice to keep your energy field vibrant & strong The circle is limited to 10 people, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance. Fee: $25 What to bring: *A personal item that makes you feel safe & protected *Journal & pen *Curiosity & kindness

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LINK | Intuitive Meet-Up: Oracle Cards | FREE

King County Library

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