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This is a group for busy professionals who are looking to get offline and into the real world meeting in real life (IRL) Here you will find other like-minded professionals looking to build connections, find friends and who knows maybe consciouslty couple in a space that isn't an online dating app.

Join this group if you want to wine-taste, hang out over coffee, gain experiences across the capital city of London.

Events will include Staycations for the busy professional to escape the city and grab a sense of calm in the countryside with other busy professionals who are looking to socialise. Staycations will take place once a quarter and will be hosted by myself and I will partner with two other amazing dating & relationship experts.

Think archery, morning jogging, gin-sipping, bbq-ing, alpaca-walking, yoga-ing, brunching and all the good stuff we don't have chance to do when we're feeling busy and burnt out in the big smoke.

Who's in? Big Love, Sarah x

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An Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis

Online event

Surrender to your own unique virtual hypnosis session and connect to your unconscious mind. Your mind is the most powerful sexual organ you have and can be your greatest ally in heightening your sexual experience. It’s the key that unlocks love, attraction and desire. It generates your most exciting, erotic fantasies. It leads your body to produce all of the blissful feelings of arousal and orgasmic pleasure that sexuality can provide. But when there are so many distractions competing for your attention and focus, how can you set those aside enough to tune in to your capacity for pleasure? Too many people find that their experience of sexuality is like pressing on the accelerator and the brake pedal at the same time - it's jarring, distracting, and getting from point A to point B (or point O!) is far from as good as it could be. It's as if part of you craves the chance to lose yourself and dissolve into the passion of the moment, while another part is chattering away in the background, tugging your awareness away from where the fun and connection is! Erotic hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you tune out of daily pressures, tune into pleasure, and experience true surrender - the freedom to let go. In this practical and FUN introductory workshop, you will discover: - What hypnosis is, and how you’re already experiencing it on a daily basis - How you can begin to use your mind to help rather than hinder your sensual expression - Simple techniques to turn off the inner chatter/monkey mind - Walking you through a process to connect with your most sensual self - Explore whether Erotic Hypnosis is something that you can see yourself incorporating in your regular playtime And surrender to your own unique virtual hypnosis session lead by Jonam Ross. To ensure you get the most out of your experience we have prepared a recorded hypnosis session which you will receive 48 hours after you book your ticket - so you can begin your exploration straight away! Be prepared for a profound experience. Use code "exploremore" for 10% off ticket price: Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/an-introduction-to-erotic-hypnosis-brought-to-you-by-tailor-matched-tickets-132956278809

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