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This is a group for busy professionals who are looking to get offline and into the real world meeting in real life (IRL) Here you will find other like-minded professionals looking to build connections, find friends and who knows maybe consciouslty couple in a space that isn't an online dating app.

Join this group if you want to wine-taste, hang out over coffee, gain experiences across the capital city of London.
Events will include Staycations for the busy professional to escape the city and grab a sense of calm in the countryside with other busy professionals who are looking to socialise. Staycations will take place once a quarter and will be hosted by myself and I will partner with two other amazing dating & relationship experts.
Think archery, morning jogging, gin-sipping, bbq-ing, alpaca-walking, yoga-ing, brunching and all the good stuff we don't have chance to do when we're feeling busy and burnt out in the big smoke.
Who's in? Big Love, Sarah x

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So, what are you into? Voicing Your Desires

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So....what are you into?

This can be a tough question to answer.

A lot of us aren’t sure what we are into when it comes to sex because we haven’t spent much time intentionally exploring what turns us on.
And if we do know, it can still be awkward or uncomfortable to share in front of a partner. How much detail do you give? What if they react negatively?

The question "what are you into?" can feel broad and overwhelming. So, often we will just reply, "the normal stuff, nothing crazy!" or "what we are doing!"

In this workshop our brand ambassadors Squirm we will help you craft your unique and specific answers to "what are you into?"
Together, we cover topics such as types of touch, moods and styles, settings, kinks, fantasies vs desires, and toys and props.
We will focus not only on the words that you can use in describing preferences to your partner, but also provide you with prompts and exercises to continue discovering what you are into as your sexuality evolves.

We will cover
💋Why this question is difficult (but important!)
💋Communication as foreplay
💋Personal guideposts when exploring your desires
💋Components to crafting your unique answers (touch, style, toys, fantasies, kinks)
💋Putting words to your overall desires as well as specific in-the-moment preferences
💋Games and activities to share preferences with a partner (from casual to committed)

This workshop is open to anyone who is curious about exploring their sexual desires, putting words to these desires, and getting the words out in front of a partner.
The workshop is open to all genders, orientations, and relationship styles and structures.


About your host

Tailor Matched is a thought-leading matchmaking agency based in the UK that connects singles based on compatibility both inside and outside the bedroom. They are the only dating agency worldwide that creates personal introductions based on sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility.

Squirm is an adult sex education platform. We create educational, erotic, and entertaining content that promotes healthy sexual communication. Squirm explores everything from the yikes-so-squirmy to the squirm-so-good, and the vulnerability that ties it all together.

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