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IRISH CENTER Dance - Dinner and Contra Dance - (40-80 people) (We teach!)

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Price: $8.00 /per person

Irish Cultural Center

1106 N Central Ave · Phoenix, AZ

How to find us

Ask for Bill or Daniel at the door

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Almost always 40-80 people, not just Meetup dancers. Almost always equal men & women, within 5 or 10 people. To know what to expect, and to see VIDEOS, click LEARN MORE or see below.

Group dinner if you like! 5 PM

Sweet Tomatoes, 52 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Just East of Central Ave

For dinner, please RSVP by noon Friday to [masked] and say whether you wish to subscribe.

For a dinner discount, say you are with the "Dance Group".

Official website: Phoenix Traditional Music & Dance ( (

CONTRA DANCE PHOENIX - this is our "4th Friday" dance at the Irish Center. Live band! Half-hour lesson at 7 PM. Beginners welcome! Not too hard, not too easy! Directions before and during each 10-minute dance. Partners change every 10 minutes. Friendly, community dance. You can come by yourself and make new friends - or bring a friend or your friends - many people come each way.

Similar to Irish ceili dance, but no jumps. "Contra" has a fun move with 2 people spinning around each other quickly, if you both want. 20-minute break to meet people. Free snacks often available. Irish music or similar. Everyone is welcome! You are also invited to a group dinner available at 5 PM!

Please come ten minutes before 7:00, to park and walk to the center. All are encouraged to join or help with the lesson. The admission fee is $8 general, and $5 for dancers age 25 and under.


We meet at the Irish Cultural Center, at 1106 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85004.


"McDowell and Central. Go South, turn Right after Irish Center" DIRECTIONS:

The light rail is in the middle of Central Avenue, so you CANNOT MAKE A LEFT TURN on Central Avenue. You can basically only get to the center from one direction - make sure to start at McDowell and Central, and then go south.

The parking entrance for the Irish Center is open! Please see the new Library and its genealogy center!


Pass the Irish Center slightly, then turn right into the Irish Center lot.

IF THE IRISH CENTER LOT IS FULL, please do NOT park in the hotel lot. Please go on the other side of the hotel (the south side), and park along Portland Street - or, there is a PARKING GARAGE about 200 feet west of Central Ave, along the far side of Portland Ave (the south side). I am told it is open 24 hours, and I have seen it open at 10:30pm on Friday night.
View Larger Map (,-112.073926&panoid=chSAElfK-I7agQg5dJIzVg&cbp=11,239.21,,0,1.16&ie=UTF8&source=embed&ll=33.459444,-112.074376&spn=0.004475,0.005364&z=17)

If the train is practical for you, the train stop is just ONE BLOCK away: Valley Metro light rail (train) (, for $3.50 day pass.
- Roosevelt/Central Ave light rail exit.
- Rides every 12 minutes around 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM. rides every 20 minutes around 10:30 PM until 11:42 PM. (times are for both directions for the train) (as of November 11, 2011) To enter the Irish Cultural Center, walk into the gates at the far right end of the lot (northeast). The hall is the first building on your right.

*** Please note that although the live band is loud, the band is silenced by the building. You might not be able to hear the band outside. So just keep going - you are in the right place!



Please ask for Bill or Dan at the desk and they will greet you.

If you happen to come after 7:00, someone will always be happy to give you individual lessons - just ask. But naturally it's nicer if everyone is learning the same moves at the same time. So this is why it is suggested: please come 10 minutes before 7:00.

We have dinners before the dance! Places include Pita Jungle, Pei Wei, and Sweet Tomatoes! Our restaurants usually accommodate a variety of diets. Please sign up for our email list, because about half the restaurants officially need RSVP's. To sign up, please say you wish to join the pre-dance dinner list, at

Pre-Dance Dinner List:




A water bottle. We walk quickly. (If you don't have one, please still go! There are water fountains there just in case.) A hand towel or headband. :-) Please carry in clean shoes to put on at the dance. Should be soft-soled to not mark the floor. Please avoid heels - any heels worn should be wide, for you and for the floor. Some people bring an extra shirt. (You will be in a waltz hold, face-to-face with other people, just 1 or 2 feet away. So please allow time to get ready, so you can arrive 10 minutes early for the 7 PM lesson.) THINGS TO WEAR:

A light short-sleeved shirt or blouse A light pair of pants or a long skirt with pleats. In my opinion, the most amazing part of contra dance is the "swing" (a spin). This is two people in a waltz hold spinning around each other something like a figure skater spinning in place. This can be a wild ride, or slow, however you want. (This spin is taught, but if you wish you can just skip this and just walk around each other.)


Contra dances are similar to Irish ceili dances, except you don't have to jump. The dances are led by a "caller". The caller "calls out" the steps during the dance. Each dance is made up of a 1-minute pattern repeated about 10 times. Before each 10-minute dance, the caller leading the dance will take five minutes to explain the 1-minute pattern and walk you through it a couple times. Please listen carefully to the caller. These dances are definitely do-able, but it really helps to listen for what to do. If you need more explanation, that should be fine - please tell the caller or ask an experienced person to tell the caller. Then during the dance, the caller gives the directions.

This is a very welcoming & friendly group, and most everyone will be actively trying to help everyone else. There is no need to be perfect - please don't worry about footwork - but naturally, it helps to be in roughly the right place, so people might be pointing where to go, and it is normal if sometime during the night someone nudges you by your shoulder into the right spot, like to help you switch places with your partner. This is a community of people trying to help each enjoy this time-honored tradition, in a long history of contra dance going back to about the year 1700.

THE 1700's… TO TODAY!

If you are new and want to do a dance, just stand, and almost always someone will ask you. You can also ask someone to dance. Just say, "Hi, my name is so-and-so. [The other person answers.] Would you like to dance?". <--Then you can talk a couple minutes before the 10-minute dance.--> Women can ask men - and it is normal for women to ask men and for men to ask women.

If you want to take a break after a dance and watch one, people will still be friendly and probably still ask you to dance - you can just say you want you want to watch.

It's traditional to change partners almost every dance. Also, for beginners, it is encouraged to dance with experienced people your first couple ten-minute dances, so you can get off to a good start. During each dance we also dance with our "neighbors", and after a few dances you'll have danced with the whole other half of the dancers in the hall. This is what is meant by a "community" dance. Also, no partner is necessary - many people go with a friend or friends, and many people to go to make new friends. (And many people do both).

The evening comes to a close at 10:30. Usually many people hang out after just to talk and make plans.

There is a waltz just before intermission and one to end the evening. The waltz is considered to be easier than contra. Also, you can find an experienced person to dance with, and that experienced person will lead, so it is traditionally not taught. Here's a video if you like:


The music is American old-timey folk music, similar to Irish folk music, and has a fiddle, and either a guitar or a keyboard. Then there can be an extra fiddle, or a drum/bodhran, string bass, tin whistle, hammered dulcimer, and sometimes even a flute or saxophone! We have several wonderful local bands. The bands include Clusterfolk, Pick & Holler, The Out of Kilters, and The Privy Tippers.

We hope to see you!

Our dances are "2nd Saturdays" and "4th Fridays".

We don't require any experience, but if you like…


You can join the

official e-mail list on ( Please stay on Meetup to sign up to show that people are signed up.

You can stay on Meetup and turn off the 1-week and 1-day reminders:

At the top of Meetup webpage, you can: Click My Groups, then E-mail Settings. Then on CONTRA DANCE PHOENIX, select Email Settings, then please turn off just "reminders for Meetups". (Sometimes 2-week-early announcements will still be sent out.)

By the way, the Irish Cultural Center ( ( has a library and a genealogy center, and many great happenings, such as concerts, festivals, and classes including fiddle, guitar, and tin whistle.

Fellow groups who have held events at Phoenix Traditional Music & Dance include: the CulturalAZ Meetup group (

P.S.: For ADVENTURERS: after you have gone to a few dances, you might ask around at a dance and arrange to go on a field trip to a Tucson or Flagstaff-area dance. Those cities have dances available on almost every weekend that Phoenix does not. After a few more dances, you might go to an annual Dance Weekend near Flagstaff called "May Madness". Tucson has a weekend too - "Dance In The Desert", and Payson, Arizona, has one too - "Dancing on the Edge" (of Mogollon Rim). California has several. There will be 100 people at a weekend. Wherever you travel: you can easily find contra dances in almost every major city every month. New England dances are huge, with 200 people.

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