Ride and Mingle at The Hub

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In celebration of CORBA’s 25th Anniversary, on December 15, we will Ride up to The Hub in Topanga State Park and Mingle for a photo opportunity to show land managers and the trail user community that mountain bikers can and do coexist on the trails. We are hoping for 250 (or more) riders. Save the date and spread the word!

We’ll converge at 10am and around 10:30 we’ll take the group shot. We’ll then hand out cash prizes, with the top cash amount being $1,000. We’ll also be having a 50/50 drawing, so bring $20 in cash and put it into the pot, with the lucky winner getting half of whatever is collected and the other half going to CORBA.

How do you get to The Hub? There are several trail head locations you can start from. Reseda Blvd., Trippet Ranch, Sullivan Canyon, Mulholland Drive (dirt) from the east (Encino) or west (Woodland Hills), Will Rogers State Historic Park, Westridge Fireroad, and San Vicente Mountain Park (Nike Site), to name a few.

Check this map with all the trails and trailheads (http://www.venturacountytrails.org/TrailMaps/Topanga/AreaTrails.htm#Map). The Hub is marked with a blue dot and the letter "z."

Or, download this map (http://www.venturacountytrails.org/CORBA/Map_Topanga4RAM2012-11-17.pdf). The Hub and the major trailheads are circled. Print it and bring it with you so you don't get lost!

To help you decide which trailhead to use to get to The Hub, here are the one-way distances. Letters correspond to those in this map (http://www.venturacountytrails.org/CORBA/Map_Topanga4RAM2012-11-17.pdf#Trailheads). Keep in mind that all of these routes have some to a very significant amount of climbing.

a, West end of Dirt Mulholland: 5.3 miles
c, Top of Reseda: 2.5 miles
d, Caballero Canyon: 4.8 miles
e, East end of Dirt Mulholland: 6.4 miles
j, Trippet Ranch: 2.8 miles
k, North end of Westridge Rd: 9.2 miles
m, Trailer Canyon Fireroad: 4.3 miles
q, Will Rogers State Historic Park: 7.5 miles
r, Bottom of Sullivan Canyon: 9.3 miles

The easiest rides with the least climbing and all fireroad are probably from c, a and m. You can figure out the amount of climbing involved in each route from this web page (http://www.venturacountytrails.org/TrailMaps/Topanga/AreaTrails.htm).