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Monday Night Advanced Vball - BB and Above
Come have a great time playing some good vball. 3 courts, music and a great atmosphere only $10 to play. Level - BB or Higher. IF YOU SIGN UP, PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING. OTHERS ARE LOOKING TO JOIN AND CAN NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE TAKING A SPACE OR SPACES WHEN BRINGING GUESTS. IF YOU ARE BRINGING GUESTS, YOU MUST ENTER TOGETHER.

CORE Volleyball

6 Jill Court · Hillsborough, NJ

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This is a group made for anyone interested in playing volleyball but does not have the time to commit to a team or league. We play pick up games for anyone that wants to be active and wants to meet new people. We expect players to already know the rules of the game, and to play 3 touch volleyball in order to keep the games fun for everyone.

Listed below is our definition of level of play

Recreational- "Recreational" player is a Beginner. A Recreational player should know the basics of volleyball, and played some volleyball before, but he/she is just beginning to bump, set, and spike. A Recreational player should not RSVP to an event which includes "BB" or "A" level or Advanced players.

B- "B" player is still in the early learning stages of the game but knows the skills. A "B" player knows how to bump, set (a little), and spike. But a "B" player has a lot of practice yet to go to be able to do these skills consistently. A "B" player makes mistakes often.

BB- "BB" player knows where to be on the court at all times when plays are developing. He/she knows where to be when the opponent is hitting. A "BB" player knows the footwork of and how to approach hitting effectively. A "BB" player knows how to run a 5-1, a 6-2, and needlessly, a 4-2.

A- An "A" player is somewhere between "BB" and "AA". They know all the skills extremely well but cannot always execute the super-high level plays extremely effectively all the time. "A" players can run combination plays in a basic way if passes are good. That includes slides, tandems, x's, crosses, and back-row hitting.

AA- Nearly Olympic. Or at least able to dig an Olympic Player's attack hit or able to once in a while put a ball down as a hitter against an Olympic Team. OK. No one can ever put a ball down against an Olympic defense. But an adult AA team of players would be able to beat a college Division I team of their same sex at least some of the time.

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