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Prototype Demo Day is all about prototypes in different fidelities and how to test them.
We're looking for speakers to come up and talk 10-15 mins about how you(!?) test your prototypes to inspire your fellow ladies.
Testlab is sponsoring us but are also gonna share the tool they've build to test prototypes.
We're in contact with EyeReply who're doing eyetracking to come as well, but we need a lot more speakers.
If YOU test prototypes email Helena and Mette at [masked] (or here or Facebook) and write what you'd want to contribute with :D


Lena Egede
Freelance UX Expert & Advisor

Lena is known for making the Bastard Usertest but today she'll set the frame for all the other demos by talking about creating a good process for your prototype tests, about taking small steps, varying your methods, involve your participants, ensuring impact and other things worth taking into account when testing prototypes.

Anne Brevoord
UI/UX Designer

Anne have just completed a full year of internships at a large non-digital native company, where she faced multiple challenges when it came to usability testing. She would like to tell you something about how ‘guerrilla testing’ turned out to be a very nice tool to concur some of these challenges and how it could possibly help you perform quick and efficient usability tests.

Jenny Shirey
UX Director, Trustpilot

How do we make sure that we don’t waste time creating products and features that no one wants? At Trustpilot, we’ve radically changed the way we work, using a process called Discovery to build less stuff and create more value. In this short talk Jenny will share a few examples of how we validate our ideas using qualitative and quantitative methods, before we start to build them.

Nina Pytter Laursen
UX designer at Radiometer Medical

Nina works within different areas of UX in Radiometer, but she is especially enthusiastic about medical devices, and designing for interactions that involve both graphical and physical user-interfaces. She is here to give insight into performing user tests at hospitals with health care professionals, and which challenges you might face.

Dovile Jan
Product designer at Zendesk, UX/UI meetup co-organizer

One of the most essential things in product development is the deep understanding of the problem we are solving. I will show how I have approached quantitative user research using invision, usability hub and typeform. Digging deeper under the surface and trying to understand the maze of “seem to be obvious” solutions this is what UX research feels like.

Sebbe Selvig
CTO & Cofounder of TestLab

Sebbe and the team is on a mission of helping UX designers to run user tests themselves on a daily basis to improve on designs before setting up a larger usability tests. They do that with their platform for remote unmoderated users tests for mobile and desktop. Get the chance to see the tool in action and how it can improve the quality of your work and the speed of delivery.

Mikael Thorup
Junior Neuroanalyst

Mikael is working with Neurons Inc, a consultancy specialising in applied neuroscience using brain scanning and eyetracking. Mikael will present a tool for predicting users' visual attention and tell how neuroscience can help understand user behaviour.