STEP into Ambiguity. CREA Germany Meetup #2.

This is a past event

20 people went


Wir freuen uns auf Meetup #2!

Diesmal wird es nach kurzer Begrüßung eine ca. 1,5 stündige hands-on Session zu Ambiguität von Katrin Elster geben!

Diese Session wird dann bereits auf der CREA Conference 2018 in Italien stattgefunden haben, wovon wir zum Abschluss des Meetups in geselliger Runde Interessierten gern Eindrücke und Erkenntnisse berichten.

Für Softdrinks und Bier ist dank unserer Sponsoren gesorgt.

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Originale Sessionbeschreibung:

Step Into Ambiguity - eine CREA Conference 2018 Session
Facilitators: Katrin Elster and Tamara Christensen

What do you do when the next step is unclear? Maybe you’re not ready to take a step. Or perhaps you know the step you want to take but are not sure if it’s the right one or what the impact will be. We live in a complex, uncertain world where we often face “wicked” problems for which there is no precedent or correct answer. If you choose to step into this interactive session you will explore how to face ambiguity, make decisions and take action (or not) with limited information.

Learning Objectives: • Identify your own biases and habits when it comes to dealing with ambiguity; • Understand when and how to step into uncertainty with confidence and courage; and • Identify the next best step for an ambiguous personal challenge.