What we're about

At our monthly meetups, we focus on basic skills of writing: Structure. Plot. Theme. Creating compelling characters. Snappy dialogue. Beats, scenes, chapters. Outlines. Point of view. Attribution. Dynamite Opening Lines.

We'll do timed in-class writing exercises, have short monthly assignments, and gentle, positive discussions of your own Work in Progress.

Whether you've always wanted to start a novel, or are an experienced writer needing extra motivation, or have a half-finished manuscript, you're all welcome!

. We'll learn to Defeat The Dreaded Middle; Show, Not Tell; Perfect Query Letters; Nasty LY’s; Self-editing; Writer’s Block, and more; in short, tools you need to stop an agent from tossing your manuscript in the trash after the first five pages.

These basic skills apply to all genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Horror, YA, Middle-Grade, and more -- and all genres are welcome.

We won’t be specifically addressing non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, TV or movie scripts, which have some of the same principles, but different rules that apply - but you're welcome anyway, just to learn something new.

This monthly meet-up will begin a one-year “course” in Fiction and Creative Writing. As the year progresses, I will encourage breakout Writer’s Groups of 3 or 4 writers to exchange work, read them, and give feedback.

Remember: Good writing is good storytelling. A good story hooks the reader with the first sentence and won’t let go until the end. Story is Structure, not Spew.

I hope you'll join me each month to learn the basics of creative writing.

If so, here’s your first assignment to bring to the first class:
Write 4 sentences re the following: 1. My name; 2. Why I write; 2. What I’m working on (or would like to start); 3. My goal for this class.
Be precise. No spewing, riffing, babbling, or making it up as you go along.

Total: 100 words or less.
This is a tough thing to do. If you can't do it, try. Bring what you have to class.

Note: If you decide to take this course, commit to doing the work.
See you there!

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