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Hey guys! My name is Maurice and I'm a dungeon master for an upcoming campaign!
Here is the thing: I want dedicated Critters for the campaign. What's a critter you may ask? Yeah... Well.. Guess if you don't know, then this isn't the campaign for you. Sorry!!!

Anyways... To the critters still reading this:
I'm looking for roleplayers as well as creative and fun people who enjoy the Critical Role format style of Dungeons and dragons. With interwoven stories and the feeling of empathy and wanting to meet your fellow adventurers characters on a deeper level. I want to experience that feeling at home, in a campaign with people who ALSO have been wanting to experience that. I know for a fact i can create a world as a DM for us to partake in together.

At the same time, I am not trying to create a campaign in Matthew Mercer's world. This campaign will be mostly based on Dungeons & Dragons Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica. I've been a huge MTG fan for a long long time and I've been wanting to play something in that world. That being said.. I WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING THE STORY IN A SCRIPTED WAY WHATSOEVER lol. I will merely be using the general structure of the book and together we will create a new narrative.

So, in order to best capture what I'm trying to do, I'm going to have a semi strict vetting process. I mean no offense to anyone who isnt a critter, but its just hard to truly explain the feeling of true roleplaying and fantasy world building, as well as a character's true emotions.

Please contact me at meowriceDM@hotmail.com

Send me your name, age and character concept, it doesn't have to be directly related to Magic the gathering. As long as the character is ORIGINAL. Nobody wants to play the same thing over and over and over again. If you have or create any art that is related to your character that is obviously a plus but not required. Some sort of visual is nice but at the end of the day, its theater of the mind most of the time lol.

This is a weekly or biweekly campaign (Depends on how the group decides once the players are locked in.)

This is a 21+ campaign as there will be alcohol and of course weed. If not 4/20 friendly then dont bother. This is CALIFORNIA :)

Location will be Sylmar.


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