Join us at Enchanted Realms for beer (or soda) and lively conversation. This time, we'll be collecting money for charity by charging all attendees $3 (the price of one beer!). This money will be added to the funds that will be raised during "Black Forest Victims Benefit Game Day" ( Make sure you pay at the counter and get your name tag then come the downstairs area!

The point of a Gamer Social is to come together and talk about roleplaying games, tell each other about the games we love to play, and figure out where and when we can get together and play them. We usually start off with general socializing then about an hour in we'll go around the room and introduce ourselves to the group and talk a bit about what we're looking to play. This is a great opportunity to meet folks and start an RPG group, find players for your existing group, or join a new group. We also have a great time just gabbing about games. Hope to see you all there!


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