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In our next class we will be mixing things up a bit!

We'll be cooking for sure, but we will also be roasting java beans and listening to a short lecture from an amazing Exercise Physiologist!

As per usual, we'll have tasters and I'll be serving one of my favorite dishes at the beginning of the class: "Chicken" Alfredo!

The cooking part:

Gluten-free berry pancakes - a family favorite!

No-Tuna Salad

Mustard Greens a la Naas

Garlic Broccoli

Chocolate Chia Seed pudding

The Coffee Beans part:

Ryan Rogers, an Army Band Officer and personal friend, is going to demonstrate for us how easy it is to roast your own coffee and how you can support some wonderful humanitarian causes at the same time. Ryan is a hoot, so be ready to be entertained!

The Exercise Physiologist part:

Sharon McDowell-Larsen, PhD works as an Exercise Physiologist and Global Fitness Manager at the Center for Creative Leadership. This wonderful lady is going to share with us the facts about soy consumption! The information you are going to learn will really surprise you, so come ready to learn a lot in a very short time!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Health and blessings!

"Chef" Naas

Cost: Free, but donations will be accepted and used to help a local family with groceries from SPROUTS.

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