• Lunch & Learn: Dissecting an Office 365 Attack

    Online event

    Grab your lunch, earn CPE credits. Join NTX & Austin CSA Chapters for a lunch and learn on Microsoft Office 365 Security The problem: With more than 258 million active users per month, Microsoft's Office 365 environment — like several other Microsoft technologies — has become a popular target for attackers.*We'll navigate through uncharted security territory by analyzing the attack lifecycle in the cloud and dissecting a real-world attack.* The same technology that makes the cloud dynamic can have the opposite effect on an organization's ability to implement detection and response in cloud environments. This includes the additional layer of preventative controls in addition to MFA, because it's increasingly being bypassed in O365, as an example. Chris Morales, Head of Analytics with Vectra, will help us navigate through the uncharted security territory by sharing the following: - Analyzing the attack lifecycle in the cloud - Reviewing the top cloud security threats - Dissecting a real-world cloud attack Additionally, he'll provide key takeaways for managing access, detection and response, and security operations. * Vectra AI recently analyzed data gathered from over 4 million Office 365 accounts between June and August. The security vendor found attackers are widely using Office 365 accounts to move laterally to other users and accounts within an enterprise, to carry out command-and-control communications, and other malicious activities. https://bit.ly/2Gu0u0J RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/csa-ntx-austin-chapters-lunch-learn-dissecting-an-office-365-attack-tickets-128069345861