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D&D 3.5 Group 2A every other Saturday 12-6
Update: We have enough players now, THIS GROUP IS CLOSED. The RSVP limit includes all regular, occasional, and returning players. If you're not already an active member of this group, see if group 9 still needs more players, and ignore the rest of the info on this page. Continuing our exotic adventures in the Known World of Aereth, the Dungeon Crawl Classics! If you roll your own character: Our characters are currently levels 10-16, so new players should start at ECL 11 with 55,000 XP and GP, then buy stuff at standard book prices. Please try one of our spare characters to start with if you're new, especially if you're new to the game. Roll 24 d6's. You may reroll 1's but only once. Put 3 d6's under each of the 6 ability scores as desired, ignore the other 6 d6's. This method makes pretty good stats but not too ridiculous. If they're unusually terrible, you can roll a 2nd time but that'll be the one you get. Or you can start with an average roll of 4 6's, 4 5's, 4 4's, etc. You can first try out some of our spare characters to get the feel of the game and the group, and then roll up your own character later. New players are strongly encouraged to try out one of our spare characters for an episode or two before rolling up their own characters. XP you earn playing a spare character will usually also be credited toward your new character, so you don't miss any. I'm generally flexible and we're all in this to have fun, and we're off to a good start already :) See ya at our next game! Small contributions to help keep our meetup group online and pay for modules are appreciated, thanks. :) "Gned the Gnome", your humble Dungeon Master and Organizer :)

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This meetup group is for players and Dungeon Masters for Dungeons and Dragons version 3.5 only (in person, around a table, here in the Springs). That's the only game I want to play or DM, and there are others also interested, so now here's a meetup group for it. There are lots of people playing PathFinder or version 4 or 5, or other games entirely; those people and groups are easier to find. We needed a group for those few of us left playing 3.5, so here we are. Have fun!

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