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D&D 3.5 Group 2 every other Saturday 5-11

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Heroes & Dragons

5751 N. Academy Blvd. · Colorado Springs, CO

How to find us

Ask the store manager whether we're upstairs or downstairs (usually upstairs). Look for me, a large white male 59 years young with a beard, glasses, and a cane.

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Group 2 is open for new players. Since our current characters are now 4th-6th level, start your new character halfway through 3rd level with 4,500 XP and with 3,000 GP worth of equipment at standard book prices. Don't sweat the small stuff, just be reasonable. See further info below.

RSVP's are very important. If you're not sure until the game day whether you can come, at least send a message or post a comment about it earlier so I'll know. If you can't rsvp, at least come and play if you can. But I have to know for sure that there will be players coming. If I don't, then I'll have to cancel the game again. I might start awarding a small XP bonus to players who rsvp positively by the deadline and show up and play for at least 4 hours; we'll see.

I run James Bard, a halfling Rogue/Bard/Scout/SpellThief/Beguiler which I was running when Paul was the DM, but when we have enough PC's that NPC's are not needed, he can be absent. We always have a dwarf Cleric of Thor playing, and almost always have a human Barbarian. Ideally I like to run with 5-6 characters each game.

To roll up your character: Roll 24 d6's, reroll 1's only once, and arrange 3 of the dice under each of the standard 6 abilities S D C I W Ch however you want (if you don't have 24 d6's, roll and write down the numbers and arrange the numbers). Ignore the remaining 6 dice. I'd prefer that all stats be at least 6, but if you really want to, you can have 1 stat below 6, as low as 3, but you'll really need to play that character accordingly ;) This method usually generates very nice numbers but not too ridiculous. If you get a lousy set of numbers, you can roll a 2nd time (without rerolling 1's) but then you're stuck with the results. Considering that the average roll should produce 4 6's, 4 5's, etc. to choose from (e.g. [masked]), that should be no problem. Then apply racial adjustments and fill in your character sheet as much as you can and bring it. Use the standard races, classes, money, and item costs in the D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook. I hope everyone has their own PH but at least enough to share without slowing down the game much. If you want to use a class, race, weapon, skill, feat, spell, or other feature in one of the other 3.5 books, then maybe; bring the book so I can check it out. I'll want to see all character sheets and approve them anyway, especially anything from Unearthed Arcana, I don't usually approve much from that book. This is a good-oriented campaign. Generally, no psionics, no poison, no evil characters, no level adjusted races, no gestalt characters. In case you pick an unusual race, it should provide no ability adjustments over +2, and all ability adjustments should add up to 0 or less. I'm not real picky about equipment and encumbrance, just don't get ridiculous. I will now consider races/characters with up to total ECL 3 (if I understand that properly), but I think it's usually more fun to have more experience in actual classes.

I'm generally flexible and we're all in this to have fun, and we're off to a good start already :) See ya at our next game!

"Gned the Gnome", your humble Organizer and Dungeon Master :)

Small contributions to help keep our meetup group online and pay for modules are appreciated, thanks. :)