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In the face of an economic slowdown and increased pressure on profits, it would be easy to assume business leaders in China are putting social responsibility initiatives on the back burner.

Road Safety is a topic which has drawn attention worldwide. With the high number of road accidents in recent years, safety can never be guaranteed if companies rely merely on technology development. It is crucial to see road safety is also a key responsibility for the communications departments of companies. By doing so, companies are doing a greater effort to call for safety awareness and impact drivers’ behaviors.

Although CEOs proudly proclaim that engaging social responsibility programs is the “golden ticket” to future growth and consumers are eager to support products and companies deemed ethically and socially conscious, is CSR actually profitable?

The CEO Talks: CSR vs. Profit series of events aims to bring together corporate leaders and innovations delivering value chain sustainability and business resilience. These high-level discussions focus on placing sustainability and innovation at the beginning of the innovation process that involves increasing the company’s bottom line.

The European Chamber is delighted to welcome Mr. Enno Tang, Head of Chassis & Safety Division and Head of Business Unit Vehicle Dynamics China, Continental, as he discusses CSR models and practices and the Youth Safe-Driving initiative.

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