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At this month’s CTO School, CTO stands for Controversial Topic Orator! We’ll be taking a leaf out of Tony Jones’ book and assembling an impressive panel of current and former CTOs to debate some of the big, controversial issues in tech. Is Julian Assange a hero or a villain? Is privacy dead or worth fighting for more than ever? Is allowing anyone to live stream anything, including atrocities, a human right or a privilege society can’t afford? If you’re sick of everyone in tech agreeing with each other in the post agile world, this is the meetup for you 🙂 And if you’re someone with opinions on the big issues, our fish bowl style format will give you the opportunity to share them and pit them against some of the sharpest minds in tech in this town. Come along to spectate and/or to participate - all are welcome! And if you have a suggestion for a controversial topic, we want to hear from you when you RSVP, so please let us know and we’ll add the best ones to the agenda :)