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Big Data Case Studies: From Tainted Lasagna to the Boulder Flood

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Join us as Dave Schrader, Director of Strategy and Marketing at Teradata Corporation, and creator of the CSI-like YouTube show “Business Scenario Investigations” (BSI), flies in from California to talk about Big Data. He’ll team up with CU’s own Ken Anderson, co-Director of the Center for Software and Society, who will present on the big data infrastructure of the $4M NSF-funded EPIC project on crisis informatics. Food and networking from 5:30-6:00pm, presentations from 6:00-7:30pm.


Dave Schrader: The Evolution of Data and Business Analytics

Abstract: The hottest topic in analytics right now is Big Data. What is it? What value does it bring to businesses? What kinds of new data types are people analyzing, and what techniques are needed? This talk answers these questions using case studies and BSI episodes to show the evolution from traditional business intelligence (BI) to new big data analytics. We’ll also talk about the urgent need for more college grads skilled in these areas, and what to study. The talk wraps with a provocative view of analytics for consumer use.

Ken Anderson: Big Data in Crisis Informatics: Project EPIC's Analytics Infrastructure

Abstract: Project EPIC is a $4M research project based at the University of Colorado Boulder funded by the National Science Foundation to perform research in crisis informatics. Crisis informatics seeks to understand how the public makes use of a wide range of information technology, including social media, to respond to natural disasters and mass emergencies and how that “informal” response does and should interact with and influence the “formal” response by emergency response agencies. Over the past four years, Project EPIC has collected billions of tweets generated during hundreds of mass emergency events and has performed a wide range of studies on the types of on-line behaviors that occur before, during, and after these events. In this talk, Prof. Ken Anderson, co-director of Project EPIC, will present a big picture view of the software infrastructure that allows Project EPIC to collect and analyze these large social media data sets in order to advance our scientific understanding of these events and help to design better techniques, tools, and policy for dealing with mass emergency events in the future.


Dr. Dave Schrader is a Marketing Director at Teradata, responsible for the Unified Data Architecture™ initiative. It helps Teradata customers derive more value from Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop investments using both traditional and big data to create analytical insights and predictive models for strategic and operational (front-line) employees and systems. In the past two years, he created and has produced 11 episodes of “Business Scenario Investigations” (BSI), a CSI-like “show” on YouTube that demonstrates how data forensic investigators solve business problems by analyzing tweets, social media, geospatial, and other types of data.

Dr. Ken Anderson is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder who performs research in software architecture, web engineering, and the design, development, and deployment of large-scale software infrastructure. In addition to co-leading Project EPIC, he is the co-director of the Center for Software and Society and the director of that center's Big Data Initiative.