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Faith can feel like a tightrope! Think about it - there are seasons we're flying high, balancing well & feeling like we are flying with confidence. Then...there are seasons where we have way more questions than answers, more frustrations than faith and we aren't even sure if the questions are worth asking anymore...let alone even knowing where there's space to ask them. BOTH seasons are valid and important. BOTH seasons are great places to keep growing, especially in community!

Conversation groups are where that happens. Curious Conversations are for those looking for a trustworthy space to learn, listen, and be heard. It is a space full of God's grace for every season as we have the practical, deeper conversations needed beyond the usual. If you want to grow starting right where you are, we'd love to spend time together. No intimidation, no fluff, just love and growing.

[CONVERSATION GROUPS are an act of friendship by CAPACITY Church, a new Christian ministry being planted in Nashville; CAPACITY's vision is to be a trustworthy place for people to be loved, taught, seen, and sent to change the world like Jesus. We're excited to meet you!!]

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